How to Connect Speakers to Projector and Laptop

A digital video projector like the historical video projector, the overhead projector, and even the movie projector is predominantly quiet. Of course, 16mm and 8mm films have progressed to enable them to play a soundtrack. However, a video projector such as the silent film-era projector projects films and shows soundless. A separate sound system must be made available to the sound.

Regarding How to Connect Speakers to Projector and Laptops, it’s essentially a matter of deciding whether to utilize the sound from your integrated PC or laptop speakers or link it to your home theatre surround-sound stereo. At the same time, the projector is only a secondary or tertiary monitor.

Are All Projectors Soundless?

Before knowing How to Connect Speakers to Projector and Laptop? It is important to acknowledge that not every video projector is soundless. Various current video projectors connect through HDMI (both audio and video) or other AV connections plus a 35 mm sound jack. On the one hand, most so-called modern digital video projection systems do not include a sound system. 

On the other side, some projectors have their stereos or speakers to make the sound happen. However, most home theatre enthusiasts are not concerned about built-in speakers in projectors, just as filmmakers don’t mind built-in camcorder speakers. There are better ways to “obtain” music than anything that is integrated.

In the home theatre environment, speakers, soundbars or soundbars, bases, subwoofers and stereos are available to demonstrate the sound experience in actual film theatres but in a home environment. Although most people have built-in stereos, the connectivity of their cable box or BluRay Disk Player with their sound system is more important than that of their projector’s speaker. Ditto when it’s a matter of HDTV speakers.

How to Connect Speakers to Projector and Laptop?

How to Connect Speakers to Projector and Laptop

A projector can connect with different types of speakers. But the method of connecting with each speaker is quite different.

Connecting Projector With A Soundbar:

If both your projector and the soundbar support an optical connection, you should use that connection. The only exception is to have an HDMI out of your projector and an HDMI in your soundbar.

  • It is how can connect a projector to a soundbar:
  • Put the soundbar where you want it and connect it in.
  • Connect an audio connection to one of your projector’s output options.
  • Use an optical link if possible.
  • Connect your soundbar to the other end of the cable.
  • Switch on the soundbar.
  • Adjust the soundbar volume to your preference.
  • If your projector has a built-in speaker of poor quality, you will have a better listening experience when you silence it when you connect the soundbar.

Connecting Projector With A/v Receiver:

There are several methods to use an A/V receiver projector. Typically, all your audio/video inputs are connected to the receiver, the speakers are connected to the A/V receiver, and the video is produced on the projector only via HDMI. the speaker and projector do not link directly.

Here is a brief description of how a projector is connected to speakers via an A/V receiver:

  • Connect all the speakers via speaker wire or coaxial wires to the receiver.
  • Connect your recipients with audio and visual inputs, including streaming devices, game consoles, CD players, DVD players, Blu-ray players or any other information you plan to use.
  • Plug an HDMI cable into one of the receiver’s video outputs.
  • Attach the opposite end of the cable to your demonstrator video entry.
  • Set the A/V receiver source and the video output to your projector.

Connecting Projector With Bluetooth Speaker:

Some powerful speakers must be activated and adjust the volume. Make sure the speakers are on and don’t turn down if you hear anything.

Orts Bluetooth, it is quick and straightforward to connect a Bluetooth speaker. However, it interferes with other electronics and wireless devices, and the sound quality is usually not as high as you would have from a connected connection

Here’s how to utilise your Bluetooth speaker Panel:

  • Here’s how to utilise your Bluetooth speaker projector:
  • Enable the pairing mode and turn on the Bluetooth speaker.
  • Enable Bluetooth and look for the speaker using the settings menu on your demonstrator.
  • Accept the connection and, if necessary, input a pairing code.
  • When both are powered in the future, the speaker should automatically link to the schemer.

Did this point help to remove the confusion about How to Connect Speakers to Projector and Laptop?

Connecting Projector With Stereo Speaker:

 How to Connect Speakers to Projector and Laptop

If your schemer supply you wish to connect your schemer to stereo speakers, acquire powerful speakers developed to this effect. Speakers connecting to an A/V receiver or amplifier will not work. You must also check the speakers to see what type of audio connection they use.

  • Here’s how can connect a schemer to stereo speakers:
  • Place the speakers, and plug them into electricity, or insert the batteries.
  • Connect an audio connection to one of your schemer’s audio output options.
  • Connect your speakers to the opposite end of the cord.
  • Connect an adaptor to the audio cable if necessary. It may require a different hookup for each speaker.
  • Adjust your schemer volume.

How to connect a voice to a projector without BT?

Pairing Speakers with Bluetooth Built-In Projectors is a bit hard and time-consuming so that it is always suggested to buy a Bluetooth demonstrator for precise A/V settings. However, if you have already purchased a schemer and the necessary BT connectivity capability is missing, it will rescue this solution.

Bluetooth Adapters are your savior to fix your pairing problem. They assist you in connecting with your schemer’s optical and audio output and can convert the audio signal to Bluetooth signals for you effortlessly.

You must set the transmitter in pairing mode to perform such pairing. Then it would help if you also put your speaker to pair way. After these two devices have been linked successfully, this arrangement works efficiently, as if BT is built-in.

Today’s Bluetooth transmitters can receive signals in their transmission mode. The TX mode is the demonstrator receiving option. There are several connecting kinds to choose from to pair such devices as an RCA or a standard 3.5mm jack or other cables. The optical audio input and output are also available as higher-end options.

You may also need an available port to your demonstrator that must be linked to the transmitter through USB to make the pairing work properly.

FAQs – How to Connect Speakers to Projector and Laptops?

  1. Can You Connect Speakers to a Projector?

    If you watch a DVD or other business presentation, you can add external speakers to your projector to boost volume. Most projectors offer an Audio Out port to connect external audio equipment with standard cords.

  2. How Do You Connect Sound to a Projector?

    You can attach sound to them using a 3.5mm audio jack or an HDMI cable with audio and video in one wire. You can even play the sound with 35 mm jackets and Bluetooth earphones via wired earphones or headphones.

  3. How Do I Connect External Speakers to My Epson Projector?

    Locate a cable suitable for connecting external speakers, such as a mini-jack-to-pin cable or a different cable or adapter type. If necessary, connect one end of the connection to your external speakers. Connect the other end of the line to the audio L and R projector ports.


As you can notice from our simple step-by-step guide above about How to Connect Speakers to Projector and Laptop?, it’s far easier to connect the speaker to a schemer with BT than the opposite part. Always select a planer with a BT function enabled. We also explored the pairing of speaker-projectors without the BT option.