How To Connect PS5 To Laptop? Step By Step Guide 2022

There used to be times when convenience wasn’t the topmost priority for people because the technology was so limited and restricted.

Getting your hands on even the simplest form of gaming devices was such an extraordinary task to perform because not everybody could afford it.

Nowadays, every household has a multitude of dazzling electronics such as cutting-edge laptops, robust gaming consoles such as PlayStation 5, and high-tech smartphones which are way smarter than us in almost every field.

Thanks to the internet which has flourished the knowledge among us and enabled us to look up almost anything if we find ourselves scratching our heads over an issue.

Speaking of scratching heads, I’m pretty sure you were looking over the internet on how to connect PS5 to Laptop because why else would you be here!

The reason I claim your presence here as a reader is because this seems like esoteric knowledge which is why I have curated this article so you can benefit from my knowledge.

Let’s commence without wasting any further time, make sure you read them as carefully as possible and don’t skip through otherwise you might make a crucial mistake.

A Couple Of Things You Might Be Needing

  • Sony Remote Play application
  • Updated operating system ( Preferably windows 10)
  • HDMI Cable 
  • Capture Card
  • Playstation 5 ( obviously)
  • USB Cable 

Steps On How To Connect PS5 To Laptop

First thing first, taking a much simpler approach, I will guide you on how to connect your laptop via the remote play method, as it is pretty straightforward, cost-effective, and does not require you to be too over the top tech-savvy.

1. Through Remote Play

  • Open your laptop and Playstation 5 and make sure both of them are updated to the newest software version in order to minimize any bugs, delays, or input lags.
  • Now install Sony’s proprietary software for streaming and hosting through the internet known as Sony remote play application on both devices.
  • The installation process will take quite a while depending on your laptop speed, however, I advise you to use a high-end gaming laptop since it has a better refresh rate screen and fast processing computational power.
  • Grab any USB cable( preferably a decent quality one) and connect the PS5 DualSense controller to your laptop so you can use it as an input device to play your PS5 games, or whatever is portrayed onto your laptop.
  • After everything is connected and in place, head over to the Sony remote play application and open it and start configuring it by selecting the DualSense gamepad option.
  • Now make sure you are logged in to your PlayStation 5 in order to start using the Remote application and projecting your data onto your laptop.
  • Last but not the least, you will be asked for your password, enter it and you are all set.

Word of Advice

Although you would be able to use the remote play feature just fine even if your internet and wireless connection aren’t speedy enough, it is best advised that you use around 10-15Mb/S of internet high-speed connection in order to minimize any potential lags or delays.

Moreover, you should also take into account that Macbook can take advantage of this remote play feature, however, playing favorite games might be a little hard due to specification limitations, so your best bet would be opting for Windows-based laptops.

Last but not the least, you can also connect your DualSense PS5 Controller wireless through Bluetooth, however, for minimizing any delays, it is safe to assume that going wired mode will be an ideal option for you.

2. Through Capture Card

Capture Card! Everyone’s favorite medium to screengrab which is quite effective in what it does, however also comes at a lofty price tag, so make sure you stock up on some greens before you proceed.

Taking the upper caveat in the account, let’s proceed.

  • After you have gotten your hands on a decent Video Capturing card like HD60 S, use it to connect one end to your laptop.
  • Now connect the other end of your Capture card and connect it to your gaming PS5 console i.e Playstation 5 through S-Cable.
  • Now use the HDMI cable to tether the capture card to your PlayStation HDMI jack.
  • Now open your laptop and install Elgato HD60 S proprietary software onto your laptop and open it.
  • Similarly, enable file sharing settings onto your PlayStation 5 by fiddling in network game settings.
  • You are all set and ready to enjoy your PS5 games on your PlayStation device.

Things To Consider

If you are wondering why you need a capture card when you can simply plug in your HDMI cable, here is the reason: both your devices, the laptop and the PlayStation 5, lack HDMI-IN USB port, which means no signal passes through them since HDMI cables are usually one-directional.

By contrast, capture cards are capable of solving this problem because they have both HDMI-IN and HDMI-OUT ports, so a link between both of these devices can allow you to project whatever you desire onto your laptop screen.

Final verdict 

I hope now that your search for a solution on how to connect a PS5 to a laptop has come to an end because of this well-researched article I wrote. Although, it is indeed a bit tricky and if you do not follow the instructions, you may experience a lot of problems.

As for you, dear reader, I sincerely hope you didn’t have to deal with such an ordeal. That being said, I wish you a pleasant day and this guide about how to connect ps5 to laptop will helpful for you.