How To Connect PS3 To Laptop Using HDMI Cable Only? Step By Step – 2022

If you are a gamer, you might be familiar with almost all sorts of gaming devices ranging from consoles to handheld docks such as the Nintendo Switch.

Although each of these consoles and gaming platforms has its own franchises which are only exclusive to their own domain, nonetheless, it doesn’t matter whichever platform you are using.

Because at the end of the day it all boils down to the fact that how much fun you are having while partaking in the best time of your life.

However, these exclusives can sometimes become a nuisance and you might feel a little bit restricted while enjoying your favorite games such as God of War and the uncharted series.

But what if I tell you that you can connect your PlayStation 3 to a laptop where you can easily play it on the windows based operating system with a mouse and keyboard without having any sort of crossplay limitation or cutback.

Although it may sound like nonsense, let me tell you it is indeed possible through HDMI connectivity, yet a little tricky.

So strap yourself for a brief ride on how to connect PS3 to laptop using HDMI cable Only and make sure you don’t miss a step so you can recreate it amongst your friends and look cool by having such esoteric knowledge.

Why Would I Want To Connect To A Laptop Rather Than A Television Or A Projector?

The answer is pretty simple and straightforward, multimedia devices like projectors and a television do require a lofty sum to be paid which may break the bank and is quite unnecessary if you are specifically buying it for a decade-old gaming console like PlayStation 3.

So to sum it up, a laptop on the contrary feels pretty cheap because you can use it for your everyday tasks such as watching movies, performing office tasks, and whatnot.

Things That May Come In Handy

Here are a couple of things you might need

  • HDMI Cable (obviously)
  • Video Adapter for HDMI Connectivity
  • Playstation 3
  • A Working Laptop (with updated drivers)

How To Connect Ps3 To Laptop Using HDMI Cable Only

Here are some steps on how to do the  deed,

  1. Make sure you buy a decent branded HDMI Cable that has a high response time to ensure there is minimal input lag and delays
  2. After you get your hands on a high-quality HDMI cable, plug it in the appropriate HDMI interface of your laptop.
  3. As most laptops lack an HDMI IN port, it is safe to assume that you may be needing a video adapter to work in conjunction with your PlayStation 3.
  4. Now connect one of your HDMI to the video adapter and the other to your PlayStation 3, in such a way a connection between your laptop and your PlayStation console is formed.
  5. Boot up both the devices and ensure both of these devices recognize the connectivity between each other.
  6. It is in your best interest that you update your laptop beforehand and install all the appropriate USB drivers in order to prevent any sort of malfunction or abnormality.
  7. You can fiddle with settings like refresh rates as well as resolution to configure it according to your needs.

What Should I Do If My Laptop Doesn’t Have A HDMI Jack?

Don’t panic if by any chance you do find your laptop lacking an HDMI interface because most older laptops tend to have VGA connectivity instead of HDMI.

To counter the issue, you can buy a unique VGA TO HDMI converter which you can connect to your laptop and the HDMI cable to form a connection.

Although, don’t expect to have a higher resolution or refresh rate because converters tend to compress and tone down the signals which makes the display look grainy but sometimes you have to sacrifice some things to achieve your goals.

Final Word

Using your laptop which you utilize in your everyday task is the most efficient way to play Sony games and project its display onto another screen rather than a physical television. Although, at first it may sound a little bit tricky after giving a quick glance at my article about how to connect PS3 to laptop using HDMI cable only you will be able to do it yourself without any effort.

That being said, happy gaming, and have a lovely day.