How to Connect Phone to Tv Without HDMI Cord

It’s fantastic to view movies and play games whether you’re alone or on your Android phone. But if you watch movies and videos with friends, you want a bigger monitor like your TV.  How to Connect Phone to Tv Without HDMI Cord? If your TV doesn’t have an HDMI port?

A smartphone is a computer with countless tasks and features. One of the reasons most people buy and use smartphones is to look at the material on them, and therefore with every generation, the display sizes become greater. But a telephone screen can only become bigger, which means it can never give a TV the big-screen experience.

If you want to connect your phone and TV without utilizing an HDMI cord, use screening and mirroring connection techniques. USB cord and MHL are additional possibilities for folks who love wired stuff. Even technologies like Google Chromecast and Roku are available for wireless streaming.

There are more than just a few alternatives to connect your TV and phone based on your device and the OS platform. Continue to read about the various solutions to  How to Connect Phone to Tv Without HDMI Cord? 


The HDMI interface enables a port to deliver digital videos, theatre quality sound, and device controls via a connection and a single cable down. Various HDMI cable types are designed to fulfill the HDMI specification for video resolution and features.

HDMI works using the minimum, transitional differential signaling method for transferring information or data from one point to another. The TDMS is a technology that protects the information from degradation while traveling down the cable length from device to device.

How to Connect Phone to Tv Without HDMI Cord

You will discover that often devices feature either an output (HDMI out) or an input (HDMI in). The primary differences between these two are that audio and visual signals are fed outputs while input is designed to receive them.

How to Connect Phone to Tv Without HDMI Cord? 

Ones want to connect your mobile withTV to enjoy movies or something else but wait. I might be sure there is confusion in your mind: How to Connect Phone to Tv Without HDMI Cord?  So in this situation, if you don’t have an HDMI cord, you can even then connect your phone to the TV.

Connect Through Chromecast

If your TV doesn’t have Wi-Fi, Google Chromecast can connect your Android phone to your TV easily and quickly. Google Chromecast is an easy-to-use way to link your Android phone to TV wirelessly. You have to plug a dongle into your TV, and your Android phone display is on your TV.

  • Plug Chromecast into your TV’s HDMI port. You can acquire an HDMI adapter compatible with the port on your TV if you are using an outdated TV with no HDMI port.
  • Download the Good Home app on your Android phone.
  • Follow the directions for connecting Chromecast to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Tap the Cast icon on your phone’s bottom right or upper right screen.
  • Select your Chromecast from the device list.
  • The media is now playing on your television.

The good part about utilizing Chromecast is that you can do many things. You can watch movies on your TV from your Android phone and still use your phone and apps.

Connect Through USB Cables

Most phone charging cables are USB connectors that can readily connect to laptop power adapters. However, not all TVs feature a USB port. If your TV has one, it’s easy to get your phone files on a big screen.

You can technically move files from your phone to open/play on your television by connecting your phone and TV using a USB connection. The telephone display will not be sent or played on your TV unless you have a cable and a port to support it. Therefore, this method is great for watching your films and images.

You must be able to go to “Source” in your TV platform like you would on your desktop and laptop computers and select the USB option. Once done, you’ll be prompted to relocate your files on your phone screen (and not just charge your phone using your television).

Connect Through Airplay

Use AirPlay, the exclusive tech of Apple, to wirelessly cast video and audio when you have an iPhone and Apple TV. AirPlay doesn’t function with non-Apple hardware, shockingly. The technology is mostly used to transmit content from your iOS phone to your Apple TV, iPad, etc.

Connect the source and receiving Apple devices to the same Wi-Fi network to get started. When connected, the two devices will immediately discover each other, and then you may choose the AirPlay connection option in the settings of your iPhone. It is the same as how Bluetooth is used for wireless connections to devices. But AirPlay is not Bluetooth since it relies on Wi-Fi and especially on technology owned by Apple.

AirPlay plays or broadcasts material between devices over a much greater distance. It means you can walk about a room without much anxiety about losing your connection.

Connect Through Miracast

Miracast is an older display standard, enabling you to connect your Android to a TV wirelessly. Miracast is already integrated into most Android 4.2 or older smartphones. Many of the older generations of intelligent TVs are also Miracast compatible.

  • Check for Miracast functionality on your Android phone and TV. Once you have established that Miracast supports both your Android phone and TV, you can continue to enable Miracast.
  • Ensure that your Android phone and TV have the same Wi-Fi network connectivity.
  • Go to Setting on your phone or tap “Cast” toggle the Quick Settings.
  • A list of displays enabled by Miracast will be listed.
  • Select your TV and “cast” your phone’s screen.

How to Watch Movies From Phone to Tv Without HDMI?

Would you like to see your favorite movies on your TV big screen at your leisure, but don’t know about How to Watch Movies From Phone to Tv Without HDMI?

This method is extremely simple and can also be done easily by a non-technical person.

Through Screencast

How to Connect Phone to Tv Without HDMI Cord

If you have a TV, you don’t need an additional device, such as Chromecast or Miracast dongles.

  • Connect your smart television and your telephone to the same wireless network.
  • Go to your TV’s input menu and pick the Mirror Screen option.
  • On your phone, click to Settings and choose Wireless Display. For other devices like Miracast or Screen Cast, this option may be different.
  • From the list of devices on the same network, select your TV.
  • Open the film on your phone and enjoy it on your smart TV.

Through Mirroring Screen

To mirror movies from mobile devices onto the TV, smart TVs are no longer essential. Learning how to view movies without HDMI from telephone to TV requires only several accessories to connect various mobile devices. Wireless display solutions such as Miracast and Google Chromecast are only a few alternatives available for mirror displays from a wide spectrum of technology.

Hope so the confusion about How to Watch Movies From Phone to Tv Without HDMI? It Will clear now.

FAQs – How to Connect Phone to Tv Without HDMI Cord?

  1. Can I Watch My Phone on My Tv?

    You can broadcast your Android phone or tablet to a TV through a mirror, Google Cast, a third-party app, or a cable connection. Those with Android devices have several alternatives, including integrated functionality, third-party apps, and cable connections.

  2. Can I Use My Charger Cord to Connect to My Tv?

    You can connect a supported Android smartphone to a TV with a Micro USB cable so that your TV smartphone contains content (photos, music, videos). 

  3. Can I Use the USB Port on My Tv to Watch Movies?

    A USB is seldom a video playback guarantee on a TV. If your TV set has a USB port, you can watch movies that your computer has downloaded or duplicated. The movies you can watch depend on your television, the video files, and perhaps the USB stick.


With an Android device and a TV, you can do many amazing things for a relatively little price. Usually, when consumers look for ways about How to Connect Phone to Tv Without HDMI Cord? They want a large screen and sound system for content, which they usually access with their phones.

However, the interaction between the phone and the TV is not limited to that. If you want to make your phone into a universal remote, it’s well within your Android device’s reach.

You can perform that too if you want to play a music video when you settle down in the living room. The challenge is to have the equipment you need to achieve the desired outcomes and have the right expectations for the method you are doing.