How to Connect Mi Box to Laptop

With the built-in Google Chrome cast, Xiaomi Mi Box is provided so that you may cast any material from your device to your Mi Box. You can do this from your smartphone or also from your PC. It is a straightforward process, and no third-party application needs to be installed to be safe, and your private information is secure.

Before throwing your material into your Xiaomi Mi Box, you need to know How to Connect Mi Box to Laptop?  First, make sure your Mi Box and the device you use for casting the media. Check that the display attached to the Mi Box is also activated and linked to the same Wi-Fi network.


The Mi Box is a Chinese Xiaomi smartphone player that supports Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, and others. Priced at just $69 and featuring features such as Google Cast integrity and voice search are worth looking at the 4K and HDR support device. Mi Box is still an Android TV player, subject to this platform’s constraints.

The appearance of Mi Box:

The Mi Box is relatively small. This matte plastic device is only approximately 4 x 4 inches thick. That’s smaller than the Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku’s superior boxes, although I’m not sure people buy streamers mainly for their portability. (Or, they are likely to choose a stick or dongle like Amazon Fire TV Stick or Chromecast when portability is a problem.)

On the back of the Mi Box are the power port, a USB port (which can support storage add-ons or an Ethernet adapter), and a 3.5 mm headphone jacket that can also connect to external speakers. Power cord, HDMI cable, and simple Bluetooth control are included in the gadget.

Set-Up of Mi Box:

An animation on the screen urges you to push a remote button, but some accompanying words will be helpful. (Why are the two thumbs moving to click a single button after all? Is your finger above or above the circular home button? The diagram may be more precise).

You’ll then go through a very conventional series of Android TV settings, such as the language, Wi-Fi, location on Oh. Are you relaxed about handing Google your data and downloading updates as necessary? Great.

You can consider Android phone or tablet to simplify configuration, or you can view a URL on your phone and input a code. (Though the webpage wasn’t working on my iPhone. You can enter the code, but don’t click.)

Alternatively, you can sign in on-screen directly to your Google account. Anyone with two-factor authentication involving the input of e-mail and password into your Google account must enter it again after Mi Box detects that you require a new authentication process.

Remote of Mi Box:

The remote Mi Box is not embroiled by buttons, which is usually pleasant. Whether you like to employ a directional pad (play/pause, rewind, quick forward) over player controls may be a personal option.

Xiaomi Mi Box 4k:

How to Connect Mi Box to Laptop

The Mi Box 4K is Xiaomi’s first internet streaming media player in India. The Mi cube 4K, like all Xiaomi products, outperforms its competitors in terms of features and price. During its online lecture on Friday, Xiaomi compared the Mi Box 4K to the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, claiming its product is superior (and cheaper).

In many respects, it is. When a device like the Mi cube 4Kor the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, it’s all about the ecosystem, not the specs. The Mi TV cube 4K runs Google’s Android TV operating system. As such, it’s probably more like a Google Chromecast or an Airtel XStream stick than the Alexa-enabled Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.

Purpose Of Xiaomi Mi Box:

The Mi TV Box 4K has one purpose. It converts non-smart TVs into smart TVs. That doesn’t imply any TV will do. The Mi Box 4K can’t make a dumb flatscreen TV smarter. You must realize that your TV must be wise to support the Mi Box 4K. To utilize the Mi Box 4K, you need a high-definition TV with high-speed HDMI input.

As a streaming gadget, the Mi Box 4K requires an active Internet connection. The Amazon 4K is a “stick” that connects straight into your TV, whereas the Xiaomi Mi cube 4K is a “box” with more ports. So do the Google Chromecast, and Airtel XStream sticks.

This boxy form also allowed Xiaomi to include a 3.5mm and SPDIF audio out connection on the Mi cube 4K. It will enable you to connect external sound systems. That’s on top of managing your TV’s audio with the included Mi remote through HDMI ARC. There is no external audio out on the Fire TV Stick 4K, although it can control TV audio remotely. Amazon’s remote can mute your TV, not Xiaomi’s.

It’s a voice remote for the Mi cube and Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K! Amazon’s voice remote includes Bluetooth and Infrared. Xiaomi’s control is Bluetooth only.

The Mi TV cube 4K and the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K can stream native 4K Ultra-HD content from Netflix and Amazon Prime. Both support HDR 10 playback. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K can do HDR 10+. It also supports Dolby Atmos, 7.1 surround sound, 2-channel stereo, and HDMI audio pass-through up to 5.1. Dolby Audio and DTS 2.0 are supported.

How to Connect Mi Box to Laptop?

However, the integrated volume controls are lovely. There is also a different power-off button. I tend to leave my Roku on the beautiful backdrop photos. However, you may want to know your cube to slumber when not in use. Be careful. I once touched the power button out of habit when my attention wanders because the home button of Roku is also on top. It was fun. That was fun.

  • After that, you can cast your media from your PC or smartphone to your Mi Cube in the next step.
  • Start Google Chrome on your laptop and open your desired media.
  • Now open the top right-hand menu of three dots and select Cast.
  • Choose the Mi cube from the list and play the video in the Mi cube.

Hope so your confusion is now clear about How to Connect Mi Box to Laptops?

FAQs – How to Connect Mi Box to Laptops?

  1. Can I Attach My Android Box to My Laptop?

    How can I link my Android via HDMI to my laptop? Power on your computer and television (both with HDMI port) and set up an HDMI connection. Plug HDMI cables into the HDMI ports of both your laptop and TV. You can now see the same laptop screen on your TV.

  2. How Do I Connect My Android Box to My Computer?

    To connect to the project type Windows+P combination. Press the Windows key (start) and type Project type and click on the first result. Click on the “Wireless display connection,” and now, if your device supports a DLN Appliance or a Miracast device, your TV or box name will mysteriously appear. Google-certified devices are supplied with Chrome cast.

  3. How to Connect My Laptop with My Mi Tv Wirelessly?

    Press the Windows button on the laptop and type 'Settings.' Take “Connected devices” and click on the option “Add device” at the top. The menu below lists all the devices to which you can mirror. Choose your TV, and the laptop screen starts to mimic the TV.


You are here to search for How to Connect Mi Box to Laptop? So this is how you may cast into Mi Box from your phone or laptop. These methods also work if you own a built-in Android TV with Google Chrome cast.