How to Connect Laptop to Sony Bravia Tv Wirelessly?

How To Connect Laptop To Sony Bravia Tv Wirelessly? Yes, it is possible to mirror your laptop on Sony Bravia Smart TV, and this can also be done using an HDMI cable. Still, we will see that the laptop can be connected wirelessly only through a wi-fi connection to connect, which gives us more flexibility.

Using wi-fi connection to cast video or photo or any content on Sony Bravia TV and you can expand your screen from your laptop. One laptop screen and another and launch it on your Sony Bravia TV So you can watch movies and still work on your computer, which is a great feature. It’s also easy to screen mirroring on a gold Bravia TV so you can cast the device option from a computer or mobile. Can be done

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First, you need to check your laptop drivers for mirroring your Sony Bravia TV, as Sony supports Miracle, and check whether it is in your laptop or computer.

What’s the difference between a wireless LAN ready and a built-in wireless LAN?

Wireless LAN ready:

Access your Wi-Fi-ready Bravia HDTV wireless Internet with the UWA-BR100 Wireless LAN Adapter. This adapter plugs into your TV to your USB input, and with WPS (wi-fi Protected Setup) functionality, it’s easy to connect your TV to your home network, Regardless of what type of wi-fi you are using.

Note: USB Wireless LAN Adapter depends on your TV model, provided or available as optional devices. USB wi-fi LAN adapters might not be obtainable in some areas.

Built-in wireless LAN:

The built-in wi-fi LAN gadget permits you to enter the Internet and your house community to connect a separate adapter. With this characteristic, you may connect with a wi-fi LAN and luxuriate in the advantages of networking in a cable-free atmosphere.

Before you begin

How To Connect Laptop To Sony Bravia Tv Wirelessly

  1. Press the Home button on the Sony Bravia TV remote.
  2. Go to you tv Settings -> select network & then select wi-fi Directly. Make sure wi-fi is on.
  3. If wi-fi is off directly, make sure you enable it and turn on your wi-fi.
  4. Make sure you remember your Sony Bravia Smart TV (to connect to wi-fi and check the Gold Bravia TV) (WPA key).
  5. Now go to your laptop computer & select ADD New device.
  6. Once the Sony Bravia Smart TV is recognized on your laptop, click on it and connect.
  7. Contact Windows + P + Press once to showcase your screen on your smart TV laptop.
  8. Once you enlarge your screen and accept and select Root and your Sony Bravia TV says to prepare the screen mirror, please wait.
  9. Your laptop is wirelessly connected to the Sony Bravia TV, & your laptop computer will start showing on your Sony Bravia Television.

How to check wi-fi Direct Password of Sony Bravia?

Step 1: Open configuration on Sony Bravia Smart TV

Step 2: Select wi-fi Direct Settings

Step 3: Select Manual and select the second method.

Step 4: You will see your SSID and WPAKey on the screen, which is the password.

How to Connect a Dell Laptop to a Sony Bravia Television

When it comes to home entertainment television, one of the latest lines on the market is Sony’s Bravia (short for “Best Solution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture”) line. In addition to the Internet, these TVs can be connected to peripheral devices, such as laptops. 

If you want to connect your Dell laptop to your Sony Bravia TV, there are some ways you can do this, depending on your Bravia and Dell models. The first is via a standard VGA (Video Graphics Array) cable used to connect a computer monitor. 

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The second is to use the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable from PC to TV. Once the proper cable is connected, the Dell laptop should quickly locate the Sony Bravia and send its display to the TV.

#1. VGA connection

Step 1: Power out both the laptop and the Sony TV.

Step 2: Connect one finish of the VGA cable to the output on the Dell laptop computer. Connect the other end of the Sony Bravia to the VGA input.

Step 3: Power on TVs and laptops

Step 4: Access the Sony Bravia menu by pressing the “Menu” button on the remote or TV. Select “Input” on the menu. Scroll down to “Computer” and press “Enter” to select.

Step 5: On Dell Laptop, click Start and select “Control Panel”.

Step 6: Click “Display” inside the “Control Panel”. Select “Adjust resolution”.

Select “Detect” to find out the Dell laptop for Sony Bravia. Adjust the Sony output and Dell laptop monitor to the control panel screen by dragging the monitor to the position you need. Make sure the “Duplicate Display” button is checked instead of enlarging the laptop screen on Bravo. You should be able to see the Dell display on Sony TV. Click “OK” when finished.

#2. HDMI connection

Step 1: Power up both Sony TVs and Dell laptops.

Step 2: Connect one finish of the HDMI cable to the laptop computer and the other end to the Sony Bravia HDMI input on the back of the TV.

Step 3: Power on both laptop and Sony.

Step 4: Access the Sony menu with the buttons on the remote or TV. Select “Display” from the menu.

Step 5: Scroll to the first HDMI connection in the menu using the Sony console’s remote control direction buttons or buttons. Confirm your selection by pressing “Enter”.

Step 6: Access the display settings on the Dell laptop by clicking on Start and then selecting “Control Panel”.

Step 7: Click “Display” inside the “Control Panel”. Select “Adjust resolution”. Click “Detect” to detect Sony Bravia via a Dell laptop with an HDMI connection. You ought to now be capable of watch the Dell show on Sony TV.

Adjust the monitor as needed by dragging it inside the display control panel on the screen. Be sure to check the “Duplicate Display” button instead of extending the laptop screen to Bravo. Click “OK” when finished.

How to connect the BRAVIA TV to a network using a wireless connection


  • If you’re using a wireless hub, router, or game adapter, you’ll need to choose a wired setup instead of a wireless setup. The wireless design is only for use with Sony Wireless LAN TVs (with USB Wireless LAN Adapter UWA-BR100) or built-in wireless LAN TVs.
  • For wi-fi LAN-ready TVs, solely the UWA-BR100 is supported. PC USB Wireless LAN adapters should not be supported.
  • Using the Network characteristic, you may join your TV to the Internet. The setup process varies relying on the community and LAN router kind. Before establishing your web connection, be sure you set up a wi-fi LAN router.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Press the Home button on the remote.
  2. Now, Select settings > Select network > Network Setup > Select Network Connection or Wireless Setup.
  3. Select the connection method.
    1. Automatically connect to the WPS button on your wireless router (or access point) Choose Easy, Auto, or WPS (push button).
    2. Manually join when choosing a community from the scanned wi-fi networks Select Expert, Custom, or Scan.
  4. Follow the Sony Bravia on-screen directions to finish the setup.

How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to a Computer

A useful connection to most Sony Bravia HD TVs is a VGA or D-Sub Video connection. This type of connection is used on most computer graphics cards. If your business computer has an additional VGA / D-sub connection, you can use a VGA / D-sub cable and, if desired, a 3.5mm audio card to connect to them. Once connected, the Sony Bravia HD TV will work just like a monitor, and if you connect an audio cord, an external speaker.

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# 1. Turn off your computer and put it back on so you can access the previous ports. Plug one end of the VGA / D sub-cable into the VGA / D sub-connection and tighten the attached screw with your finger until invasive. If desired, plug the 3.5mm audio cable into the Green Audio Outport on your computer.

# 2. Turn off your Bravia HD TV and insert the other end of the VGA / D-sub cable into the rear VGA / D-sub connection. Tighten the patch with your finger until it is bare. If applicable, insert the other end of the 3.5mm audio cable into the audio input on your HDTV.

# 3. Turn on your computer and Bravia HD TV. Switch the enter mode in your HDTV to “VGA / D-sub” mode to look at the video sign out of your laptop. Right-click on your laptop’s desktop and choose “Screen Resolution” to configure the display decision and first/secondary monitor setup.

FAQS (How To Connect Laptop To Sony Bravia Tv Wirelessly)

Can I connect my laptop to my TV wirelessly?

If you don’t want to deal with these troublesome cables, there is a way to connect your laptop to a wireless TV. But you need a media streaming device like Google Chromecast or Roko Streaming Stick Plus to work. An Android TV will do, too, as it has a built-in Chromecast.

Why won’t my laptop connect to my TV wirelessly?

First, you need to make sure that your Windows 10 device’s connection and smart TV is set up correctly. Connect your Windows 10 gadget to the identical wi-fi Internet community as your TV. Open Settings> Devices. In the left pane, choose Connected Devices> Add a Device.

How do I link my laptop to my TV?

The best solution to join your laptop computer is with a cable. Connecting your laptop computer to your TV through HDMI is the most typical approach at the moment as a result of virtually all fashionable televisions in addition to laptops have HDMI ports. All you want is a cable. Some new laptops are very skinny, and they don’t have HDMI ports.


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