How to Connect 3 Monitors to a Laptop Docking Station?

Every third person who likes watching movies on Netflix asks me this question “How to connect 3 monitors to a laptop docking station“. But from today, there is no need to worry about this question, because I have come up with a perfect solution to this question for you. Using multiple monitors is a simple concept. Plugin any video display inside the port applicable to the laptop or PC, and finally, you’re done.

Multiple monitors do not turn on and start working immediately. There are many things to consider when using multiple displays. The first step is to check the compatibility of the computer to help monitor on a laptop.

Graphics card feasibility, whether it supports dual or multiple displays. Type of video ports for computers and their connection.

Once you have analyzed all the conditions of your computer or laptop, it is a good idea to follow the configuration on multiple monitor setups.

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Setting up multiple monitors

Consider the following three factors when connecting 3 monitors to laptop docking stations using other displays with your computer:

  • Whether the laptop supports a multi-mode display
  • Video card capability for multiple monitors
  • The active and accurate setup process

This article provides a way to connect a laptop dock station with multiple displays. It also helps to troubleshoot issues with extensions or different displays.

Recommended steps for How to connect 3 monitors to a laptop docking station

Step #1. Examining the available ports

First, you must observe the ports for building connections. Modern computers come with video through multiple interfaces. Also, there should be a docking port functionality.

If the HP laptop has two ports in the video card, the card can send and receive signals at the same time. But, if you find that your computer has only one port, it may not work.

You can find functionality extension options through the docking system.

If you want to proceed with the connection through the docking station, you need to find a multimedia mode compatibility that will help connect three different monitors.

Step #2. Docking and ports functioning

Many computers come with a combination of these ports. While examining the sides of the laptop, you may see several of them if the laptop computer has two ports on the video card. The cardboard is often in a position to ship and obtain alerts on an identical time. If there is just one port, it might not work at a time.

Note: If a laptop computer’s graphics card has restricted options and performance, you should check to see if there is another slot in the laptop for additional video cards. So if you have only one port on your laptop, you can still increase the functionality. Flip through the sides of the laptop to check the slots available for additional video cards and pop out the back cover.

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Step #3. Customize video card settings

If you have three different ports, however, you may’ t see easy methods to join all of the ports without delay. The subsequent step is to examine the compatibility of the video card that may show several screens.

The procedure is fast and straightforward. Plug the monitor directly, then click the Start menu and type display to change the display settings.

In the display settings, it is seen that many of the displays come with some disabilities. And others are configured as a primary display or some extension or secondary display.

Click Advanced Display Settings at the bottom of the window. Different plugins look at the number of other monitors to check the number of monitors connected to your graphics card.

Step #4.  Checking the graphic card settings

For this, you have to go through Display Manager >>> Open it >>> Extend Display Manager >>> Note the mannequin quantity and producer to your graphic card >>> Multi-Display or Multi-Monitor Graphic Search Do card

There is another alternative. It’s essential to use the Daisy Chain Setup and Display Link Setup.

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Step #5. Method Of Connecting Three Different Monitors To Laptop Docking Station

Suppose the laptop has an HDMI output that automatically goes into any one of the three monitors. If we consider the functionality of a laptop, a laptop can hold only two monitors at a time.

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To connect three different monitors, you will need additional equipment. The other device is a USB display adapter. This allows your computer to use a USB connection. Connect the display adapter to the USB port on the laptop docking. There is an adapter on the other end of this handy device. It can be either DVI or VGA. It depends on what you need to connect to the monitor.

FAQs ( How to Connect 3 Monitors to a Laptop Docking Station )

How do I connect 3 monitors to my HP docking station?

You will need the USB external display adapter to link the three separate monitors. Connect the USB port on the HP docking station to the computer monitor adapter. It would help if you had a DVI or VGA monitor connection for the port. Regardless of what the situation is, your decision is determined by your needs.

Can you use 3 monitors with Windows 10?

Without third-party apps, you will be able to run several Windows 10 devices on one, two, three, and even more displays.

How do I get Windows 10 to recognize my third monitor?

– Go to Settings
– Click System
– On the left-panel
– Choose Display

Be sure to see all three panels simultaneously, though you can see only one of them.


There is a point in this process where many people give up. And conclude that it doesn’t work at all or that it doesn’t matter.

The reason for this technique is the capability of the video card and then playing around with the laptop docking display setting, making sure that the surveillance is configured correctly. It all is dependent upon the variety of ports out there and the expertise used.

If that doesn’t work, buy Display Monitor and install DisplayLink software and enjoy the multi-mode experience.

Using multiple monitors is a progressive approach. This allows more screen space to view your objects a little clearer and broader.

Many computer geeks and tech-savvy people use this technique to view their stuff on a large display. The technology is easy to use while providing a clear preview and allows you to get different features of your system. The input and output mechanism is entirely dependent on the graphics card. If you have concerns with the current springs of the course, you add extensions to the available slots.

Multiple monitor displays are a possible approach. In particular, it is reliable and cost-effective with modern computers. It does not depend on the type of ports available on the computer.