How To Charge Laptop With TV? Step By Step Guide

The world is moving at a constant pace, quite literally and metaphorically and technically speaking it is all due to the influence of the advancement of technology that aids mankind.

Now, everyone knows that staying glued to a spot isn’t fun and can sometimes feel boring and tedious, especially if you are working.

This is why the laptop seems to be the best possible tool for our everyday tasks, it’s light, efficient, portable, and gets the job done just like you would by using a desktop.

Henceforth, it is common knowledge these laptops are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which no doubt run out of juice with the passage of time.

Keeping that in mind, you can use charging adapters to power up your laptop, however, sometimes they often break down and can be up to no good, leaving you and your laptop helpless.

Since we all know that a laptop without a power supply is pretty much disabled, finding a different source of power can be a little tricky because each and every laptop uses a different set of charging adapters, so borrowing one from your buddy is out of the equation.

But hey, that’s not the end of the world because guess what? You can still use your HDMI Ports to charge your laptop by using your television as a way to conduct electricity.

Although it may sound ridiculous but trust me, it can be the closest best possible way to charge your laptop. Want to know how to charge a laptop with a TV? Take a quick gander and you may find the answer for yourself.

Steps On How To Charge Laptop With TV

Not that I am wholeheartedly recommending this method as the optimal way to charge away from your laptop battery cells, however, if you feel like there is no hope, then these steps can come in handy.

Step 1

First of all, make sure, both your laptop and your Television have an HDMI power jack, and by Television, I mean either an LCD or an LED. 

Step 2

Once you are beyond the preliminaries, invest in a decent brand of HDMI Cable which you will be using to do the deed. Keep in mind that, although decent branded HDMI cables usually come at a hefty cost, they are extremely helpful in the long run because you can also use them to project your display onto another physical screen such as LCD or LED.

So, sparing a couple of bucks isn’t a bad idea after all!

Step 3

Now that you have gotten your hands on a brand new HDMI cable, plug it in your laptop HDMI jack and make sure it is properly plugged into its place because you don’t want a wonky connection which most probably won’t establish any sort of power flow.

Step 4

Now, carefully plug in the other end of your HDMI Cable and place your laptop on a table or somewhere near because HDMI cables are usually short.

Moreover, keeping it somewhere steady can actually prevent accidental disconnection and cable straining which is bad for your devices and might cause some form of electrical hazard.

Step 5

Now, after every known caveat and warning has been considered and the connection is established, it is time for you to boot up both of your devices i.e Laptop and Television.

I mean, obviously, how else are you supposed to charge your laptop if your TV isn’t turned on or doesn’t have any sort of active electrical source running through it.

Step 6

Confirm that your laptop is charging by checking its charging lights turned on or by checking the charging symbol that might indicate that power is flowing through its battery cells.

Voila! That’s about it, now you can enjoy having your laptop charged while you watch movies on your TV without having the need to plug in a charging adapter.

Word of Advice

Pretty sure after following all the aforementioned steps, you might notice that the charging of your batteries isn’t as fast and on par with your charging adapter.

The reason behind this is obvious, since charging adapters are made specifically to do the required tasks by having the correct set of voltage and ampere units programmed into them.

HDMI cables on the other hand aren’t supposed to be the primary source for charging your laptops and may disappoint you.

However, they can get the job done when needed, just not as fast as you need it to be, so patience is the key, especially if you are out of options.

Bottom Line

Although you may have found my article regarding “how to charge a laptop with TV” extremely helpful, if you are feeling desperate, be advised that improper charging sources can actually damage your batteries and render it pretty much useless, so make sure you switch to a standard charging adapter as soon as possible.

In case of the battery being damaged or thermal issues, I won’t be responsible in any way shape, or form. However, the method is perfectly safe, yet, it is obvious that some form of abnormalities may arise, so please be responsible and considerate!