How to Charge Laptop With HDMI? Quick & Easy Steps

Would you like to know How to Charge Laptop With HDMI? It could sound a little strange, but without a charger, you can charge your notebook. It is well known for mobility, and you can comfortably use a computer.

It is extremely important, however, that your device is charged. As we all know, to charge your battery, you would need a laptop charger. Life, my mates, is unpredictable. Although the charger is still a bulky gadget, it can be easily misplaced anywhere.

Your charger can not work when you are on the verge of a significant presentation/project for your boss or college. You can’t do anything without your laptop charger after the full battery power has dried up. It cannot be charged or the direct power supply used.

Then, what’s your alternative? Fortunately, there are several alternatives for charging the battery, such as:

  • USB port
  • They are charging notebook batteries externally.
  • Charge via car or mobile phone

Many people question that I should charge HDMI for my computer system? The reply is YES. I use the High-Definition Multimedia Interface port of the notebook as a convenient, simple, and economical solution. Using this article, you can learn How to Charge a Laptop With HDMI in a few simple and quick steps. We will describe various actions, strategies, and tools for charging your notebook without a charger.

How to Charge Laptop with HDMI Cable and USB type-C laptops (Method # 1)

It is the first option you can use if your computer has no HDMI port. You may use the USB Type-C port to counter this.

How to Charge Laptop With HDMI

Here’s the way:

Things You will need to charge your HDMI laptop (Step #1)

In the event of a failure or misplaced charger, you’ll need to charge the device with High-Definition Multimedia Interface:

First of all, check whether you have a USB Type-C port in your device or not an HDMI adapter or connector to convert USB and HDMI type-C.

The Connections (Step # 2)

  • Connect the HDMI cable to the supporting LCD TV
  • Use the HDMI to USB Type C connector and connect another end of the HDMI cable.
  • Plugin your Laptop’s USB Type C connector and you’re finished.

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Charging Laptop with HDMI Cable (Method # 2)

If your notebook has an HDMI port, it’s probably the best method because you don’t need too many accessories. You need just a few things to charge your laptop via HDMI port. You can quickly charge your laptop, or Chromebook with HDMI using this method. Look at this: take a look at this:

The material you need (Step #1)

To use this method, only a few things need to be ensured:

  • TV that supports port HDMI
  • Cable HDMI

Scheme for connection (Step # 2)

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Is that safe?

Notebook computer come with advanced charging adapters to charge your notebook with controlled voltage and current. HDMI is a perfect choice for viewing HD movies and audio systems on the big screen. The HDMI adapter offers a low voltage or current that is not suitable for electrical equipment.

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However, we suggest that you only charge a notebook with an HDMI cable if you’re wrong. Otherwise, we will still recommend that you use the device charging adapter.

FAQs (How to Charge Laptop With HDMI)

Can I charge my laptop with an HDMI cable?

No. You can’t. There is no circuit on a laptop that transfers any power from the HDMI port to the battery.

Is there a way to charge a laptop without the charger?

The most recent Smartphone models can be used as backup power in an emergency as a last-ditch charging system. Next, attach your phone to your system and find USB settings for your phone. It depends on whether you use Android or iOS. It is different.

Can you charge a laptop through the USB port?

No. It is why: USB ports in laptops will supply power to other devices and peripherals, so you can easily plug in your iPad, iPod, and other devices. It means that all battery packages or power solutions for your device have to be connected to the power port.

How can I charge my laptop with another laptop?

Put your notebook battery on a different laptop, charge it, put it back. Just make sure the battery has the same voltage as the laptop’s original battery; you put it in charge. If you don’t suit, don’t push it, don’t risk screwing up the other notebook too.


Charging via HDMI or USB ports is not an efficient way to charge your laptop. They have less power and take more time to charge your device. It is also advisable to use the charger with your notebook.

If your charger is misplaced or damaged, make sure you buy a new charger after checking its voltage and power compatibility. It stops your notebook battery from being drained and increases the entire life span of your notebook. You better charge your laptops via USB rather than High-Definition Multimedia Interface because it is not preferable.

We hope you’ll be helped by this amazing guide on How to Charge Laptop with HDMI Cable. If you are looking for more helpful tips, then leave the comment below.

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