How To Charge a Laptop Without a Charger?

Often when we go to work or school, we accidentally forget to bring some essentials. This includes chargers for our electronic devices.

Now, if you forgot your mobile phone charger, you can easily connect it to your laptop via a USB label. But what if you forgot your laptop charger?

Suddenly you run out of battery, and you can’t afford to turn off your laptop. Assuming that your peers are not in sync, you will assume that you are out of luck. This bitter experience will become a reminder, and make sure you bring it with you next time!

The only problem is that it is less of a hassle for your charger. There are other problems such as bad AC adapter, low voltage, blackout causing the charger to malfunction, or worse, the charging jack to break. Fortunately, there are many ways you can still charge your laptop.

Type of USB port you need

You can charge other electronic devices by connecting them to your laptop via USB port, but can you charge your laptop through its USB port?

Absolutely! Over the years, the tech industry has developed USB ports that also offer power input. Before I explain how this works and under what circumstances it is feasible, I need to discuss the types of USB ports.

1) USB Type-A port

These ports are flat and rectangular. These are standard USB ports equipped with PCs and laptops. Easily recognizable, they can support USB 2.0, USB 3.0, or USB 3.1 technology depending on the hardware.

These ports offer data transfer, power output, connectivity to printers, and other devices. In our case, we can’t use them to charge our laptops because they only offer one-way power.

2) USB Type C port

This is the latest type of USB port and is quite different in size and shape compared to the Standard-A. It has connectors the size of a micro USB connector.

Unlike a Type-A connector, you don’t have to worry about the correct orientation. It has an oval shape and has USB 3.1 or USB 3.2 technology and data transfer speeds of up to 10 and 20Gbit / s.

USB Type-C not only offers almost all the features of its predecessor but also has power input. It is going to help to charge our laptop without any dedicated charger.

In today’s article, I will explain how you can still charge your laptop without the need for a laptop charger. So without further ado, here are five ways to charge your laptop without a charger.

  • Charge your laptop with a USB Type-C port
  • There are benefits to your car battery
  • Use a universal power adapter
  • Use universal auto/air adapter
  • External charge of your laptop battery

How To Charge a Laptop Without a Charger

Charge your laptop with USB-C

You need a power bank with a USB-C connector to charge your laptop via your USB-C port. Assuming it’s not that hard for them to come, your colleagues may be taking it.

All you have to do is connect one end of the USB-C cord to the USB-C port of your laptop and the other end to the power bank. However, keep in mind that the power bank you use to charge your mobile phone is not recommended as we are looking for at least 12 volts of power while most USB chargers are 5 volts. Offer near

Power banks that offer less than rated voltage will not work for your laptop. If you have a USB-C charger and access to the store, you can go ahead and plug it in.

You can also use your mobile phone to charge your laptop if it has a USB-C port. Connect your USB cord to your laptop and your cell phone, go to your mobile phone’s USB connectivity settings and enable the power supply option. This can drain your cell phone battery, but it can be helpful if you need to use your laptop.

If you are looking to buy a laptop, you can limit this list to those who have a USB-C port. Likewise, when buying a power bank, make sure that it supports the required minimum voltage.

Benefit from your car battery

Sometimes you can go ahead and get a limited supply. What if you have a USB-C port but no power source to connect the laptop as well? Your car can be a useful tool for getting compensation in difficult times. In this case, you can use different methods to recharge your laptop.

For a relatively easy way you will need an AC adapter, with a USB Type-A connector at one end and a USB Type C connector at the other end, and a USB charger. Now all you need to do is plug the USB charger into the car, start the engine and connect the USB-C connector to your laptop.

The second method will require some creativity, and you will need a built-in voltage regulator that is often available in many automobiles. The voltage regulator helps you to lower the battery voltage to the desired level. In this method, we are going to hardly rotate the laptop in the fuse box of your car.

The only problem is that laptops cannot reduce the incoming voltage so that their native AC adapters accept a power source. This is where our voltage regulator works. By connecting the laptop to the voltage regulator and then to the car battery, we can reduce the voltage to the required amount.

Using a power inverter would initially be a friendly approach. The power inverter can be connected to your car’s cigarette lighter outlet. It can provide enough power to charge your laptop.

Use universal auto/air adapter

Some laptops may be connected to universal chargers available in cars or airplanes. Depending on the universal charger in your car, a power cord may be required, but some can be done with a USB cord.

Make sure the universal charger works with your laptop before connecting it via the USB cord. It should be left unattended, but for this procedure, the engine must be running.

FAQs (How To Charge a Laptop Without a Charger?)

How can I charge my dead laptop without a charger?

A power bank is one of the most convenient ways to charge your laptop. a power bank is essentially is a substitute for a laptop battery that you can take on the go. Only add the power bank to your laptop, and it’s ready to go because of their integrated AC outlets. The machine doesn’t need to be plugged in while charging the power bank.

Can you charge a laptop with USB?

The first requirement is a USB Type-C cable. If you’ve linked your phone to your laptop, then look for the corresponding USB control panel options. Depending on whether you use Android or iOS, this will be different. If your phone is on, your battery will easily be recharged.

Can you charge a laptop with any charger?

The decision to go with Android as the mobile operating system of choice is evident for most Android smartphones. Depending on the plug or socket form, a wide range of connectors is proprietary on laptops (hello!). [To put it another way, if other plugs don’t work on your vehicle, then] other chargers will not suit. With the appropriate voltage and polarity, the amperage (and wattage) should be greater than necessary.


It is better to prepare in advance. Make sure you plan so you can deal with it when you arrive. If your work requires you to run multiple applications at once or your laptop battery usually dries up quickly, it is possible to purchase a spare battery equipped with an AC port. ۔

If you are still running in a situation where your battery runs out, you can buy an external battery charger. Also, if your laptop is quite up-to-date and you do not intend to upgrade it yet, it would be a good idea to purchase a premium quality Universal Power Adapter.

When buying a new laptop, make sure it has a USB-C port. The USB-C port will replace the standard-A in a few years because it offers everything better. This purchase will benefit you a lot in your work.