How to Charge a Laptop Battery Externally? Full Guide In 2023

Technology has changed many companies’ working methods. The use of technology to keep track of everything is a contemporary working style in most of the business. Computers and laptops are now extensively utilized for personal and professional purposes. When it comes to usability, due to their mobility, consumers choose a laptop over a desktop. A notebook battery usually finishes after 3-4 hours. However, to use it for a long time, you have to charge your laptop battery correctly. 

For a computer user, a laptop is necessary. Since it contains a battery, you have to load it for a few hours. But when you don’t have a charger with you, it occasionally becomes a problem to charge the battery. In this situation, you must know how to capture a laptop battery manually. You can carry many batteries with you, but not all users can.

In addition, your system power port may be destroyed. You thus need a method to load the best laptops to utilize. The external battery charger for manually charging the notebook is the ideal method for you. The below information will clear your confusion about the question of how to charge a laptop battery externally?

Now let’s have a look at all the alternatives we have to load the laptop battery externally.

Use External Battery Charger:

An external battery charger is also a feasible option. These loaders are accessible on the market. All laptop makers provide external chargers for the charge of their computers. You may buy them. There is also a list of all such charges on their website.

You may also purchase a new third-party charger in the same way. Again, check sure that your third-party loader is compatible with your laptop. For example, your laptop’s charging connection should match the external charger connectors.

It would help if you also studied the specs for the external battery charger to make sure it fits your laptop perfectly.

External charger will diminish the question How to Charge a Laptop Battery Externally from your brains.

Charge Through Ac Adapter Hookup:

Check your present notebook battery for an AC adaptor connection. If this port is contained, you don’t have to buy a connector or battery such as a connection. If the battery has an AC adapter connection, connect straight to this port, the AC adapter of your laptop.

Charge Through Portable Laptop Chargers:

The portable battery charger is great; it helps you to maintain your computer battery power up whenever you want, but it may be challenging to choose the appropriate one to buy. The finest chargers operate with a wide range of systems, are lightweight and offer the right power output for your system. There are many choices online.

Charge Through USB:

How to Charge a Laptop Battery Externally

The ports are generally classified into two parts in each kind of laptop. That is, A and B. Ports of type can only transmit electricity to devices that enable you to load your mobile phones, power banks, etc. It is also used to connect devices such as USB and other external hardware.

The usage of port type B is essential in this regard since it may gain power. The port is used to charge laptop batteries without a charger, power banks or mobile batteries for charging the laptop. Not all laptops have port B to charge externally. Make sure you read your device’s manual transcript for information about the usage of port B, as with specific devices, port C.

Charge Through Power Bank:

By buying a new external battery pack or power bank, you can fix most of your battery charging issues. All your system needs is a USB-C recharge port. Just attach the power bank to the USB-C connection, and your battery will charge immediately. It’s a small, comfortable, and trouble-free way to capture a laptop battery.

Unfortunately, you cannot charge older laptops via a power bank only with built-in power connectors.

After the plus point of power bank availability for laptop charging you get the answer of the question that How to Charge a Laptop Battery Externally

Charge Through Universal Power Adapter:

It’s the most convenient and simple method to load a laptop without the native loader. But before you do this, you should keep two things in your mind. As a universal power adapter is not a notebook loader, it is hazardous. The company also develops a laptop to load from the original loader. It may be a dangerous method for your laptop and you to use a universal power adaptor. Universal adapter only supports some specific models of laptops.

You may purchase one on a Chromebook, HP laptop or laptop from Dell. In certain electric stores, universal adapters are available on the market. But you won’t find one for the particular model. If you properly connect a charger to your laptop, it will provide the gadget with adequate energy. It also charges your laptop battery. Check the characteristics of this adapter before buying or using a universal adapter. These adapters are very cost-effective. 

Charge Through Solar Charging Kit:

Solar loading kits are increasingly standard for loading devices. This kit allows you to charge the laptop battery without using the original charger. A solar panel powers the charger. The solar kit does not rely on an ample electricity supply. 

The battery is charged by the power of the sun. Solar panels transform sunlight into electricity. Modern solar kits are intended to make the photovoltaic cells smaller, more flexible and more efficient. This equipment is portable and may be folded. With this kit, you can charge the battery of all kinds of laptops.

Use Auto Adaptor:

May use an auto adapter. It is for those who spend the most time in a vehicle. This adapter links the car through a cigarette lighter. When the car is running, the battery is automatically charged.

Use a Laptop Like This:

Another excellent method to charge your laptop’s battery is to connect with someone who has a laptop comparable to you. It is incredibly uncommon for someone to have the precise model for a laptop.

However, you may attempt to urge your friends and family members to study them more. It’s probably the safest method to charge the battery from your laptop, even if it’s not permanent.

You will also need to look a lot to locate the perfect Palmtop to charge your battery. So if you can’t, you may continue the following step.

Use Universal Adaptor:

It may work if you don’t know where the issue is. If your laptop doesn’t load and you believe the problem is in your loader, you may try using a universal adaptor.

The universal adapter comes with several loading pins, which enable you to connect the one you need for your laptop. They can also charge several kinds of batteries with varied input ranges.

Use Travel Adaptor:

You can use the ideal portable adaptor to charge your system on the move. Travel adapters are universal adapters but can only be used in cars, trains, or aircraft. Just as a USB-C cable and a universal adapter, you must make sure that your travel adaptor is compatible with your laptop.

It is also essential for you to check that the air or vehicle charger works according to your expectations or promises. You have to avoid problems when on the road or an aircraft. For example, some vehicle loaders operate solely with the power cord of the laptop loader. It would help if you went to a vehicle loader that loads your system with no power connection.

These all above information will surely elevate the question that How to Charge a Laptops Battery Externally

FAQs – How to Charge a Laptop Battery Externally?

  1. How do I charge my laptop outside?

    Image a large battery with an AC outlet. You plug the load cable into your laptop just as you plug your laptop into a standard AC outlet. We say this works for “most laptops” because they only have so much wattage to deliver.

  2. How Do You Charge a Laptop Battery?

    A power connection is provided on all laptops computers. Connect the power cable to the power supply socket to recharge the laptop and put the other end in a power socket on the Laptop. You may keep using your laptop while the battery is charged.

  3. Can I Charge My Laptop With USB?

    connect your phone to your system and locate USB settings for your phone. It depends on whether you use Android or iOS. It is different. Once this has been done, your smartphone battery is drained rapidly, and your laptop battery is resurrected.


Are you bothering about “How to Charge a Laptops Battery Externally“.  So let me tell you that a laptop is a portable and energy-efficient computer. It is an essential gadget for a professional individual. We always prefer a good battery life when running on a battery. So it would help if you took care of your laptop’s battery for improved battery life.

Always use the original loader to load and work with it. Only then attempt the other methods if you encounter difficulty charging the battery using the original charger. These are realistic and established procedures for manually charging laptop batteries.