How to Bypass HDD Password on Toshiba Laptop? Step By Step Guide 2023

If you have a Toshiba laptop, you can have to fix the HDD or hard disc drive password. Understanding the basic concepts contained in a Toshiba laptop such as the device utilities will allow you to fix your system and prevent it from entering the shop for repair. 

Every brand has its remedy to circumvent the HDD passkey by using the machine utilities of every device brand.

As we all know, certain stuff like weather changes, such as forgotten Toshiba laptop passwords, are unavoidable. 

Fortunately, this article offers a different way about How to Bypass HDD Password on Toshiba Laptop, which struggles to reset passwords.

How to Bypass HDD Password on Toshiba Laptop [Step by Step Guide]

  1. Remove the HDD from your laptop & turned it down.
  2. Insert your bootable CD or plug in the boot USB installer on your laptop into an available USB port.
  3. Turn on the laptop. 
  4. Whatever media you choose, make sure that you enter BIOS as your bootable installer and set the primary boot system to the specific media (USB or CD).
  5. Insert your hard drive into your laptop when installing your OS kicks in. This requires you to have the base of your laptop, service plate, opened beforehand.
  6. You could end up with a message of error. Tap Enter twice to reboot the laptop.
  7. Now you should be able to boot to your GUI without the device requesting an HDD passwords.
  8. It’s a common problem plaguing Toshiba laptops, which won’t power the laptop up to GUI. If you can power up to your GUI, following the steps above, you can update the BIOS for your specific Toshiba laptop model.
  9. Your BIOS can be updated with the correct BIOS files when running alone, without connection to an HDD. Please visit Toshiba’s support site to find the relevant BIOS updates for your laptop model.

Please note that when you have implemented and forgotten a password on your HDD, it requires resources and sometimes the cost of the resources amounts to purchasing a new HDD first. 

This tutorial does not circumvent security measures if it just addresses the passwords error found on most Windows 10 laptops, although no password is enforced.

If you can lock yourself by missing the passwords on your BIOS or HDD, it is advisable to call up Toshiba tech support, provide evidence of your purchase and your credentials and you can unlock the HDD/SSD.

Change Password on Toshiba Laptop for BIOS and HDD (Advanced Method)

This describes 4 solutions for Toshiba login, but it contains 2 different types of boot passwords.

If you would like to learn how to open a two BIOS and HDD pin satellite Toshiba laptop, please see below.

Step 1. When starting the laptop Toshiba, click on the F2 key repeatedly to display the startup screen.

Step 2. Choose “Set User Password” or “Set HDD User Password” with keys of “↑” and “↓” then press “Enter.”

Step 3. Type the password in the passwords input box previously set.

Step 4. Enter the new passkey and, if necessary, enter the new passwords to validate the action.

Step 5. Now, on your desktop, click on the “Start” button and type “Control Panel” to open.

Step 6. Type “Toshiba HWSetup” in the upper left-hand search box to search for the BIOS passwords and use it as an alternative to it.

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Bonus: How to Reset Toshiba Laptop Password

How to Bypass HDD Password on Toshiba Laptop

Part 1. Reset Toshiba Laptop with Reset Disk (Forgot Password)

This is the most common way to reset Toshiba laptop’s passwords. If you’ve ever developed a reset disc password before, you can use it to reset the Toshiba passwords laptop.

Step 1. After starting the Toshiba Laptop, type random characters on the login screen, then “Reset Password” can be found under the input password box.

Step 2. Insert the passwords reset disc that has been generated and press “Reset Password” to trigger “Password Reset Wizard.”

Step 3. Follow the prompts of the wizard to press “Next” before the passwords box appears.

Step 4. Now, you can enter the new login password or leave the forgotten passwords blank.

Step 5. The field “Press a new password hint” allows you to type passkey hints. Then click on “Full”

Part 2. Reset Password on Toshiba Laptop without Disk for Login

The password disc makes resetting the login password fast, but if you have never prepared a passwords drive, what do you do without a passkey a Toshiba laptop? These are the answers.

#1. Guest Account

If your login privileges are linked to another account, you can reset Toshiba laptop’s forgotten password to Toshiba laptop.

Step 1. Choose a guest account with a Toshiba laptop login permission.

Step 2. Click on the “My Computer” icon on the desktop and type “Computer Management” to quickly access the window in the upper-right search box.

Step 3. In the list on the left, click “Local users and groups” to display all related accounts.

(Alternatively, by clicking the Start button on the desktop and typing in the search box, you can open “Local Users and Groups” directly.)

Step 4. Right-click the user account and pick in the sublist “Set Password.”

Step 5. A pop-up will appear, allowing you to type in a passkey and confirmation box the new password.

Step 6. Restart your Toshiba laptop and passkey with a new password on your Toshiba laptop.

#2. Installation CD

Setting up In the factory reset of a locked Toshiba laptop and change its login passkey, CD plays an important role. 

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Although just the passwords reset and delete all files on Toshiba’s laptop Windows 8/8.1/10 is an efficient approach as well.

Step 1. Boot the Toshiba laptop on a CD installation and then press “Next” when the language, time, and other data are requested to modify.

Step 2. To retrieve the route of the Toshiba laptop and passwords, click “Repair your PC” in the lower right-hand corner: “Repair your PC” > “Reset this PC” > “Remove everything.”

Step 3. Confirm the target operating system and the disc to be cleaned based on the Toshiba laptop. (Selecting “Delete just my files” to retain the PC is recommended)

Step 5. Finally, if you’re confident your selection is error-free, press “Reset.” You have a Toshiba laptop reset without a passkey.

FAQs ― How to Bypass HDD Password on Toshiba Laptop

  1. How do I unlock my Toshiba external hard drive password?

    Right-click the hard drive, and the Unlock option is given. Or use the CMD: manage-bde –unlock E:-RecoveryPassword XXXXX-YOUR-RECOVERY-KEY-XXXXXX-XXXXXX to unlock the drive.

  2. How do I reset my Toshiba laptop password without a disk?

    To enter the boot menu, click the Boot Key(F12 for Toshiba Laptop) and pick the bootable media drive in the Boot menu as soon as the Toshiba logo shows. Next, wait for the welcome screen of the Windows Password Reset Software to appear.

  3. What does HDD Password Frozen mean?

    If your supervisor or passwords say “set,” that's why you get a password prompt when restarting the password. Clear it, if you know it. 

    The HDD password is set to “frozen” when the device is rebooted. You have to make a hard boot to convert it to 'clear' for 1 boot.

  4. How do I unlock my Seagate hard drive if I forgot my password?

    1) Go to
    2) Click on the link forgot your password.
    3) Enter your remote access account email address.
    4) You will get an update to your email address.
    5) Enter and click Reset your new password.

  5. Can a hard drive be password protected?

    Download and install software of encryption such as TrueCryptAxCrypt, and StorageCrypt. These programs serve a variety of purposes, from the encryption of your entire portable device and the building of secret volumes to the creation of the password.


Until now, the article presents different methods to reset the forgotten password on Toshiba’s laptop, each method is efficient and useful. 

You can contact us in the area of comments if you want to know more about the Toshiba laptop.

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