How to Boot Acer Laptop From Cd

Can’t launch your CD or USB Acer laptop? Don’t worry; it’s easy and quick to start up a laptop. Acer is the most trust name in the laptop business. Acer provides the user with just fantastic service and support. Most Acer Laptop consumers are happy and satisfied.

When it comes to USB or CD piffling, some consumers have problems with Acer Laptop that  How to Boot Acer Laptop From Cd? The explanation for this problem can be the equipment or medium that you use for that purpose. Therefore, techsupportforum247 is here to support you with the guide on “How to Boot Acer Laptop.” Let us not lose time and proceed immediately to this post’s core purpose.

Boot From Cd:

When you use a disc, what you are doing runs your computer with any bit of system on the disc. When you regularly start your computer, you run the OS on your hard drive, such as Windows, Linux, and so on.

How to Boot Acer Laptop From Cd?

It is crucial to know how to boot from the disc drive of your laptop. Hard drive crashes and viruses may jeopardize your company’s data, and several solutions designed to recover or delete malware are provided on bootable CDs.

  • You can start your Acer laptop from various devices, including your optical and USB flash drives. You can control which laptop piffil components via the basic input/output system or BIOS, a boot-accessible configuration program.
  • Restart the Acer laptop or turn it on. Insert the CD in the disc drive with your rescue program and hit the F2 logo if you have the Acer logo. 
  • To restart your laptop if the setup program fails to load, click “Ctrl-Alt-Del” or hold down the swuitch option for at least 10 seconds to shut down the machine.
  • To pick the “Boot” tab, use the directional pad. Choose the optical drive from the piffline list.
  • Press the “F6” button until the first device on the list is the disc drive. Choose the “Exit” tab.
  • Scroll to “Quit Saving Modifications” and click “Enter” to save and exit BIOS. The computer restarts and boots the CD.
How to Boot Acer Laptop From Cd

How to Boot Acer Laptop From USB?

  • Get a bootable USB flash device and make it first.
  • Turn off your computer before the subsequent actions are taken.
  • Insert your PC with the bootable USB Flash Drive.
  • Turn your computer on now. Now.
  • Now start by pressing your computer’s piffline key. In most Acer computers, Esc or F12 typically piffling the menu key. Press and proceed, thus.
  • That’s it. That’s it. So this is how Acer’spiffling laptop with a bootable USB flash drive.
  • Go to the second way to start Acer from the CD laptop.

How to Boot Acer Laptop From Cd or Dvd?

  • Turn on your Acer Laptop and press F2 until the Bios setup menu on the screen is displayed.
  • Next, you have to select the “Boot” option from the on-screen selections. Use Up-Down or Left-Right to scroll the options and choose them on your keyboard also.
  • After selecting the “Boot” option from the menu, press Enter, and the list of all piffling devices will appear.
  • You must now pick the piffling device using the arrow keys. Here the piffling device is a CD or DVD to pifflingyour Acer laptop using as a media.
  • To move and set the selected boot device, press the F6 key on the Acer laptop keyboard. It helps you to place a new boot order in your Acer system.
  • Now press the defined F10 or Acer key to save all bios modifications.
  • It is how can boot Acer laptop from a CD or DVD. These instructions get your Acer laptop ready to start up from your CD.

Time To Boot From CD:

It will take few minutes to start up; I would have to install anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes. Did you use Disk Utility to format your new hard disc before starting to run Mac OS X on the disc when you start up from the DVD?

Is CD bootable or Not?

         How to Boot Acer Laptop From Cd

If you want to view a physical media disc, you can attempt Open CD/DVD Driver and then CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive letter. Whether the media or image file is bootable, MagicISO will show Bootable on the menu bar, and when burning to CD, DVD, or USB flash drive, it can boot the ISO image. 

What Things make a drive bootable?

To start up a device, a partition that starts with the specific code in the first sectors must be formed, which is called an MBR partition region. A Master Boot Record (MBR) is a challenging disc start-up sector. That is, when the BIOS starts up a hard disc, it loads and runs.

Setup the Computer to Boot From the Cd:

We need to set a CD-ROM computer start up or another bootable device like USB drives so you can work with your device in different ways. These activities include: recovery of your data from unanticipated problems or upgrade errors.

Why Is Computer Not Booting From Cd?

If the BIOS is not correctly configured, a computer may ignore or not boot CD-ROM or DVD. Open the BIOS configuration and verify the settings for your CD-ROM boot sequence. These parameters are available under the boot options.

FAQs – How to Boot Acer Laptops From Cd?

  1. How My Laptop Will Boot From Cd?

    Turn on the computer and hit again and again, about once every second, the escape key until the startup menu opens. To launch the Boot Device Options menu, press F9. Select the CD/DVD drive by using the up or down arrow key and then press Enter. PC starts with Windows.

  2. How Do I Start Pc in Safe Mode?

    Hold down the F8 key while booting before the Windows logo shows. It will display a menu. Then you can release the F8 key. Utilize the arrow keys to mention Safe Mode (or Safe Mode with Network if your problem needs to be resolved using the Internet) and then click Enter.

  3. What Is the Boot Menu Key?

    When a computer starts, the user can enter the Boot Menu by pushing one of the keyboards. thinking of the computer or motherboard maker, the standard keys for entering the Boot menu are Esc, F2, F10, or F12. The specific press key is usually mentioned on the starting screen of the computer.


It’s like booting an Acer laptop from a bootable USB flash drive and CD, therefore. If this does not enable you to boot your Acer laptop successfully, do not hesitate to obtain aid from skilled specialists. I hope you liked reading this post, and it helps you with How to Boot Acer Laptop From Cd?