How to Adjust Contrast on Lenovo Laptop? Simple Steps In 2023

If you find it difficult to alter the Contrast of your laptop display, remember that all laptop models (and each operating system) are a bit different. Below are common ways of adjusting the Contrast on a laptop computer. These ways help you to know How to Adjust Contrast on Lenovo Laptop?

What is Contrast on laptops?

The difference between the lightest and the brightest compared to the darkest sections of an image or display. Contrast can be set on the monitor by buttons or knobs on the monitor of your computer. The illustration shows some types of display adjustments, including the contrast control.

Your graphics card controls the Contrast so that you can modify the Contrast and the saturation of your laptop display in the control panel of your Graphics card. You may use the NVIDIA Control Unit, the AMD Controller, and the Intel Graphics Control Room. The settings are most likely on the onboard graphics card when you have a dedicated GPU.

The setting of Graphics Card

To access the settings of your graphics card, right-click on a blank place on your desktop and pick your embedded graphics card from the context menu. It is the Intel Graphics Settings in our scenario.

Settings Of Display

The display area is available for Intel Graphics and the NVIDIA Control Panel. The AMD Control Center probably also has one. Recall that if you have both NVIDIA and Intel GPU, the display is generally on the Intel onboard graphics card. Choose the display setting and search for color or something close.

You may modify the Contrast and saturation of your laptop display in the Color Settings. You will probably find sliders for the sharpness and hue control. You may also be able to adjust several color profiles for your display depending on what graphics card model you have. The profiles allow you to swap between several color settings easily.

How to Adjust Contrast on Lenovo Laptop?

Some color management options are specific to a model and make a GPU. For instance, my graphics card onboard allows me to modify Contrast, hue, and saturation for all colors or individually for red, blue, or green. Older Intel graphics cards may not support this functionality.

If you mistakenly set the contrast settings to those that make your display look terrible, find the default option to restore. Any interface that allows you to adjust these settings will include a simple one-click option for resetting all to its default value.

Changing the Contrast does not damage your hardware in any way. The settings of your display are adequately supported, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Usually, the optimum settings are the default settings for an integrated laptop display. If your display appears washed and the Contrast does not change the trick, attempt resetting your display’s color profile.

How to Adjust Contrast on Lenovo Laptop?

You know how crucial display settings are if you spend more time on your laptop. Get it badly, and your optic nerves are sure to get tired quickly. Furthermore, display settings are vital if you edit video/photo, computer graphics, or prepare files for printing.

It is therefore crucial that the Contrast, hue, and saturation that suits your demands be zero. Every laptop you receive comes with a settings panel or profiles that help to change quickly. The approaches for PCs and Macs are a bit different, though. Do the following sections provide a brief guide on How to Adjust Contrast on Lenovo Laptop? 

Essential Things To Know

Some computers, or rather graphics cards, allow you to adjust colors in Contrast. For example, Intel graphics can make individual modifications to green, red, or blue in this write-up. This option may not be available on older hardware, however.

You may always restore your settings by default. There is a button or an option provided to restore the default with a single click. The default display settings are only fine for most users. However, even when you modify your contradiction, your display may look odd. You may need to reset the display color profile in this situation.

Different graphics cards may have different menu phrasings, but the display and color settings are always navigated.

Contrast Adjustment in Leveno Window 10

  • Hold on the keyboard’s left side the Shift and Alt keys and push the Print Screen key.
  • Once you are asked whether you would like to turn High Contrast, click Yes.
  • Repeat step 1, and it will cancel the better contradiction option for switching to normal contrast mode.

If you do not press the key combination, you can enable the better contradiction prompt in the Easy Access menu:

  • Open the Panel Control.
  • Click Access Facility.
  • Select Access Center Facility.
  • Choose to Make it easier to view the computer.
  • Make sure that high contradiction is turned on or off when checked.
  • Click OK. 

Contrast Adjustment in Window 8

  •  Open the Charmed bar.
  • Click Settings. Click Settings.
  • Select Access Facility.
  • In high contradiction, click on the button to activate or disable high contradiction mode.

Contrast Adjustment in Window 7

  • Open the Panel Control.
  • Type window color in the search bar.
  • Click Change the color and metrics of the window.
  • Choose an elevated theme under fundamental and high-contradiction themes.

Contrast Adjustment in macOS

How to Adjust Contrast on Lenovo Laptop
  • Choose System Preferences from the Apple Menu.
  • Tap Accessibility.
  • You can modify your display by clicking the Increase contrast checkbox and using the contradiction Display slider.

Contrast Adjustment in Linux

Tools for adjusting the contradiction of your panels like gamma and xcalib are available. These can adjust any reductions in the default contradiction level of your screen.

Most window managers have a high contradiction topic to help you see your screen more efficiently to improve Contrast over defaults. Follow these instructions in Gnome-based window administrators, such as Ubuntu Unity:

  • Open the window of the server.
  • Run the gnome control center command to start the command center window.
  • Click universal access. Universal access.

High Contrast Effect On laptops

A high contrast theme or high contrast mode makes it easier to use a limited color palette with contrasting colors. It is different from using the inverted display, yet sometimes, the high contradiction mode is akin to an inverted display because of the darker color shape.

Contrast Effect On Eyes

Eye Smart notes that it is doubtful that playing videospiele or watching TV in low light will harm your eyes at all, but the extreme contradiction between a bright and dark.

FAQs – How to Adjust Contrast on Lenovo Laptops?

  1. Why Does My Lenovo Screen Keep Dimming?

    In many cases, the malfunctioning graphics drivers are the cause of the dull laptop screen problem. You need to upgrade to the latest and accurate version of the graphics driver. However, we propose utilizing Driver Easy if you have no time, patience, or computer skills to manage drivers (since it is pretty complex and time-consuming).

  2. How Do I Make My Screen Brighter on My Lenovo Laptop?

    Hold “Fn” and press “Home” to enhance your screen's brightness, generally in the top-right area of the keyboard. Press “Home” again and again to lighten up the screen.

  3. What Is the Keyboard Shortcut to Adjust the Brightness of a Laptop?

    To open the action center, use the keyboard shortcut Windows + A to display a brightness slider at the bottom of the window. Moving the slider to the left or right of the action center affects the luminosity of your display.


If you are here to deal with your main concern that How to Adjust Contrast on Lenovo Laptop? You can tackle this problem. At the bottom of the advanced display box, click “Color Calibration.” To start the color calibration, click Next. The assistant will guide you by changing your color settings.