How Much RAM Do You Need For Fortnite? Ultimate Guide 2022

The world of gaming was taken by storm with the advent of the battle royale genre which shattered the charts and billboards of most online players in a game of the year 2017.

And Fortnite being one of the most beloved and demanding games soars to the clouds which we now know as a Franchise with numerous crossovers than any other video game has.

From mad titan Thanos himself appearing and taking over tilted towers to the John Wick emptying his clips in the dusty depot, the crossover is simply huge and beyond the grasp of our expectations.

I mean even Travis Scott managed to perform his digital concert while the pandemic was at its pandemic, Genius.

And if you ask me about my expert opinion on how much RAM do you need for Fortnite I would simply say as much as it seems tempting and spicy enough to jump into the bandwagon of infinite hype, managing to reach the minimum specifications for your device such as your laptop or desktop is a little tricky.

And trust me, simply searching in google for a straightforward answer might not get you anywhere because Fortnite has countless updates since it has been released and every season feels like they are adding something.

This is why the system requirements mentioned by the developers might not be as accurate as it seems because believe me, I play the game myself and even having the recommended requirements might not cut it sometimes, especially during a frenzied gunfight.

Here is why!!

How Much RAM Do You Need For Fortnite

Although Fortnite is a pretty optimized game, sometimes you might still feel lags and rubberbanding. The minimum RAM requirement to play Fortnite is at least 4GB.

However, if you max up the integrated graphics to EPIC settings, even 8GB of RAM might not cut it and you might want to at least have a minimum of 16GB RAM available at your disposal.

The reason behind that is mentioned below.

1. Operating System 

Depending on the type or version of operating system you have on your PC or laptop, you need to have the spare amount of Free RAM available for your operating system since Windows 10 takes at least 2-3GB RAM, which means you will only have around 1GB Of RAM capacity left for you to use.

This means you won’t be able to play Fortnite as smoothly as possible at a steady frame rate, and even tweaking the settings at the lowest possible configuration might not help.

2. Background Applications

The real challenge arises when you have countless background applications running in the background while you play your game.

It is textbook knowledge that background applications also require your system resources in order to fully function.

This bloating of your hardware resources may leave you with very little RAM capacity available for you to play your game smoothly.

Although you might argue now that you can simply close those programs but sometimes you cannot close some essential programs such as Antivirus or screen capturing software like Shadowplay or Radeon Adrenaline especially if you are streaming or a YouTuber.

If your gaming style is quite similar to the above statements mentioned above, make sure to have at least 16GB of RAM available so you can stream seamlessly with ease.

3. Anti-Cheat Software Requirements

Long gone are the days where we used to play modern games where the anti-cheat software didn’t strain that hardware as much.

Now, in order to play favorite games like Fornite, having Anti-cheat software such as Easy Anti-cheat (EAC) is mandatory or else you won’t be able to boot up your game.

This is why I advise you to at least have around 8-12GB if you don’t have plenty of other background applications open and just want to play the game without recording or streaming.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, following the minimum requirements specified by the developers or any popular game journalism websites doesn’t seem feasible if your laptop or desktop has plenty of applications running or your gaming style has plenty of multitasking involved.

This is why I advise you to upgrade your hardware to at least reach the recommended specifications in order to play smoothly, otherwise having 4GB of RAM will give you nightmares in your gaming smooth experience.

In the end, we hope that how much RAM do you need for fortnite after knowing all the aspects mentioned above.