How Much Is My Laptop Worth at a Pawn Shop in 2022?

The most famous items from pawn stores are electronics such as laptops and telephones. Pawn stores want much more for your laptop than they want for your diamond ring. This means they’re going to be able to pay you a great deal for your laptops. However, bear in mind that they want newer versions and better models that work.

EZPawn has the latest data on pawn shop laptop rates, whether you are pawning or selling a laptop, showing you how much do pawn shops pay for laptops this year.

If you are using PawnGuru, you can get cash in hand for your laptop today. Multiple pawn shops that buy laptops in your local area will make a bid on your product when you list your laptops for sale on PawnGuru. On your PawnGuru portal, these deals can be viewed online, and you can also be notified by email when they arrive.

Quick Tip For Pawning:
All you need to do is compare your deals at PawnGuru or EZPawn online and then bring your laptop with the best deal to the pawnshop. Pawn will show you the primary step-by-step method for using PawnGuru at their site. If your laptop is new, then you can also return it to the company. 

But first of all, we’re going to tell you more about the pawn worth of brands such as Macbook, MSI, Asus, Samsung, HP, Compaq, Dell, and more from Apple & PC laptops.

how Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Laptops On Average?

If you get rid of your old laptops, you probably wonder how much it is worth, especially if you need extra money for a new laptop. Oh, you came to the right place, you need to avail pawn laptop services. Although I can’t tell you exactly how vital your laptop is, I can estimate it and help you figure out what you can get out of it. 

BrandMin. Pawn ValueMax. Pawn ValueAvg. Pawn Value
MacBook (Regular or Unspecified)$60$1200$312.35
MacBook Air$10$500$217.45
MacBook Pro$15$1100$288.13
Samsung $20$75$48.75

Take your laptop today or get a quote from pawn laptop service on the phone if you want to make sure. It’s super easy, and it doesn’t take long. Otherwise, here are some items you have to look out for when you sell your old laptop, along with a graph that shows what you are likely to sell depending on the brand.

What Kinds Of Laptops & Tablets Get The Most Cash

The pawn shop laptop like Apple, Dell, Sony, and Toshiba are decent suppliers of laptops to have more luck. Tablets are better if Apple, Samsung, Google, or Amazon make them. Computers designed for gamers, including Alienware, MSI, and Origin, are also more useful and thus better fortunate.

How to Pawn or Sell a Laptop Effectively

Image for How Much Is My Laptop Worth at a Pawn Shop? Image that shows the pawn shop transaction.

All the data you may use in the future must be backed up. The data may be put in a pen drive or portable pen drive. Make sure you delete all your data from your laptop/computer after transferring your data. You need to secure all details before selling your computer/laptop at a pawn shop and recover all passwords, videos, pictures, and other data. 

You can format your laptop/monitor until you have the backup so that your computer can look newer and reset the laptop or computer to its original factory settings when it’s first switched on. Therefore, all programs and files should be deleted. None of us wants someone else to use our details, so you must ensure that your laptop/computer operates in such a way that the future owner can sell and use it.

If you are going to pawn a laptop that could be because of a few reasons; first of all, it could commonly be because you need some money for important work. Secondly, it could be because your laptop is already not enough for having your work done, so you want to leave it pawned for something of value.

Well, talking of the value, then if you want to get a good value and good performance laptop next time, which can do your work done. Then you should check some of our pre laptop purchasing guides below:

Things To Know Before Pawning A Laptop Or Tablet:

Below we will discuss a few things that are necessary to know before going to a pawn shop in order to pawn your laptop:

1. What Brand Is Your Laptop?

One of the critical things that will influence your laptop’s price is its name. It will also adjust, depending on the model you have. Older laptops don’t sell too much these days, but if it’s still in good shape, you are always likely to get a fair price.

Now that we have this resolve let’s go over the various brands and what they sell for. As you can see in the research above, I have collected your laptop’s prices, depending on the brand. Some brands are aggressively expensive like Apple, Razer or Alienware and some are not that expensive even being a good brand for laptops.

However, your machine’s state will affect its value and will be worth less than the value you see in the following paragraphs if harm occurs. I have explained in each section why every laptop sells better or cheaper, based on my study.

2. Check The Conditions And Try To Fix It.

If your laptop has dents, bruises, flags, bubbles, and any other damage, the price of your laptop will probably have dropped somewhat. But don’t worry, something could still be worth it. But you can consider selling it for scraps, which would sadly not be much money but better than nothing if your machine doesn’t turn on.

If you want to make the most of your laptop, there are a few things that you can do to make it safe and clean. Try to remove any stains, flaws, or other damage from your laptop before attempting to sell it. You can be shocked at what excellent cleaning your old laptop can do.

Some DIY Guides, For Fixing Your Laptop At Home:

Calculated Costs For Replacement Of Few Essential Parts:

Below are few detailed articles about the replacement costs of few essential parts that sometimes couldn’t be fixed at home with DIY methods:

3. Systematically Clean The Laptop.

You can also clean your computer or laptop’s exterior to make it look okay, apart from cleaning the internal drives. It would be best to clean your laptop/computer with damp cloths to wash out the appliance, so there are no marks left. Don’t forget to clean the mouse pad and the screen. It would help if you cleaned your keyboard using a keyboard cleaner so that none of your keys are sticking and building.

If you take a “pawnbroker” near me with a clean laptop or computer, it sends a warning to the buyer that the equipment is not in good shape and might have problems. Before you visit the pawnbroker, scan for fingerprints and smudges on the screen carefully. In addition to the screen, each external port can be tested for dust.

Some DIY Guides, For Cleaning Your Laptop At Home:

4. Learn The Details Of Your Laptop Before You Pawn.

You will negotiate the best cash price by understanding the features of your laptops or tablet. You can learn its resale potential by researching your piece.

- The Brand/Manufacturer's name.
- Series or Model number.
- Hard drive size.
- Amount of RAM.
- Processor type.
- Screen size.

5. Make Sure The Pawnshop Buys Laptops & Tablets.

No matter whether you’ve got a mint Apple MacBook Air or Samsung Galaxy Tab – this is not a matter of any store. (Some tend not to deal with all electronics used.) This is due to the supposed concern for small teeth and the heavy use of scratches and viruses. So always look for pawn shops that buy laptops or tablets.

Furthermore, the battery capacity may have decreased – making the laptop less mobile and decreasing its value. This issue can be avoided by sending your item to PawnGuru. Just shops interested in giving you cash deals!

Best Laptops Guide According To Budget And Performance.

Well, if you’re into the laptops world, then you’d might need our guides for best laptops according to your budget and their performance. So check out below:

FAQs – how much do pawn shops pay for laptops:

  1. Can I sell my laptop to a pawn shop?

    It's rapid to sell a laptop in a pawn shop. The laptop is measured, and you either agree to sell it directly, or you do not. However, pawnbrokers prefer to keep a healthy pulse on the latest prices of electronic products.

  2. Do pawn shops take computers?

    A pawn loan price and a sale price can be requested from your nearest pawnshop. There was a mistake. You'll be able to get your machine back after you repay the cash loan (and interest). However, if you don't repay or take too long, your machine will be handed over to the pawnshop.

  3. How do pawn shops determine value?

    How can you assess the item's value? Pawnshops focus the value of the product on the current valuation, its current status, and its ability to sell the item. Pawnbrokers use the analysis resources they have available to assess an object's value and make the most of the money.

  4. How much is an HP laptop worth at a pawn shop?

    HP Laptop Pawning has a reward of $5 to $500 on an HP Laptop short-term loan. The average PawnGuru loan user can get $90! Often depending on the shop, you visit, you can get even more!