how much does a laptop weigh? Laptops On Scale In 2023

Nowadays, laptops are necessary and most popular in all areas of work. The uses of a computer in our everyday lives are multiplying thanks to contemporary technologies. People are purchasing computers for official work and pleasure.

Most individuals examine just essential aspects of laptops such as features and specifications before buying a new laptop, but they don’t ponder the typical weight of a computer.

How much does a laptop weigh?

Well, laptops may range in weight from approximately 2 pounds up to 8 lbs. They are usually categorized into these five categories: Ultrabook/Chromebook (2 – 3 pounds), Ultraportable (2 – 5 lbs), Thin and Light (3 – 6 lbs), Desktop Replacement (4 lbs), and Luggables (8 lbs).

So this is a direct and to-the-point answer of average laptop weight lbs.

Size counts a lot today—the same thing matters in the area of technology. Varied manufacturers have different-sized computers that also vary in their weight. I have included all the leading brands in this post, along with all possible sizes and weights of laptops. Although, weight doesn’t affect the market price of a laptop. But yes, it affects the price of a laptop at a pawn shop, hehe.

I have full the article according to the size and average laptop weight, and you will read all the information below. So, let’s read.

 how much does a laptop weigh? And The Size Also:

 How Much Does the Average Laptop Weigh

Almost all laptops are portable but must take the weight and size of the computer into account. The mobility feature is an essential component of the best laptop for business and personal usage.

If you utilize a notebook for business or work, a smaller and lighter laptop is the ideal option for you. Do you know why? Do you know why? Yes, since it is simple to modify when it is lightweight and compact while traveling in laptop bags.

Let me go on! Let me move to that point! I will now describe a notebook’s typical weight and dimensions. I can guarantee you that it will assist you in choosing one of your finest laptops.

Five common categories of laptops:

  • Desktop replacement
  • Luggable
  • Chromebook and Ultrabook
  • Ultraportable
  • Slim and lightweight

When you search for your new laptop then you might have a question, “what is the average weight for a laptop?” And definitely, your choice may be affected by weight. Therefore it will be essential to understand the various types.


Laptops are more like a laptop than a category. The Ultrabook has been named Intel for its notebooks and utilizes the windows operating system. The Chromebook is a laptop Google running on Chrome OS. Both have been made lightweight and keep up with the lighter computer trends towards which consumers are leaning.

Size and Average Weight:

How much does a notebook weigh? Well, the Notebooks or Chromebooks, or even named Ultrabook has a dimension of 9-13.5 x 8-9-inch x < 1 inch. The weight of Chromebook and Ultrabook is about 2-3 pounds. These are very lightweight and travel-friendly, you can also charge these laptops with a phone or power bank.


Laptops are thus relatively lightweight and ideal for travel. Some examples of computers to be categorized include HP EliteBook, Apple Macbook Air, Acer Swift 7, and HP Spectre Folio.

Size and Average Weight:

Ultraportable gadgets of 9-13 x 8-9 x 0.2-1.3 centimeters are available. It weighs about 2-5 pounds.

Thin and Light:

Laptops have only a bit more weight than Ultraportable laptops, as their name indicates. Examples of various laptop kinds are as follows: 13′ Apple MacBook Pro, Dell XPS 15, Microsoft Surface Booking 2 13.5′, Lenovo Yoga 920, and Google Pixelbook.

Size and Average Weight:

Thin and lightweight appliances are sized 11-15″ x <11″ x 0.5-1.5.” It has almost 3-6 pounds in weight.

Desktop Replacement:

Computers are intended to work near a desktop but remain mobile. You may utilize them, wondering if you require a more powerful laptop than the typical laptop. Another example is a higher-end gaming laptop since they usually include an additional fan for improved heat dissipation and a larger battery with slightly high power consumption to compensate for all the energy they consume.

Size and Average Weight:

This kind of laptop is somewhat hefty. It is >15″x>11″x 1-2 inches in dimension. This laptop weighs around 4 pounds.


Laptops are closer than a laptop to becoming a desktop PC. You don’t even sell these cases to build these PC cases now, but some individuals have made DIY cases online for those still interested in this kind of computer. The Compaq Portable II would be an example of this laptop, an outdated computer weighing over 15 lbs. These laptops usually have no battery, so the users power them with UPS or solar power. But you might wonder, how many solar panels will be needed to power these laptops or PCs.

Size and Average Weight:

These laptop sets are more extensive and heavier in size. These laptop sizes are more significant than 18″ x>13″ x>1-inch with weights above 8 pounds.

Weight Vs. Travel Weight:

The complicated portion with laptop weight requirements identifies what is in the weight. Most manufacturers mention the computer’s importance with the fitted standard battery. Sometimes, they specify a weight range based on which media bay or battery is placed on the laptop. This weight does not contain additional elements like power adapters, peripherals, or removable keyboards.

Look for the ‘travel weight’ to get a more precise assessment of the actual weight. This number should include the weight of average laptop with its electricity adapters and any media lines. Some notebooks that need lots of electricity require power adapters, weighing up to one-third of the notebook.

The weight of a notebook affects the mobility of a computer most directly. Any regular traveler who needs to take a notebook between airports and hotels will show that even if you don’t have all the features of more extensive systems, lighter systems are simpler to carry. That is why ultra-portable travelers remain popular.

What does a laptop weigh? This question is definitely considered when buying a new laptop. But if you are going to buy a new laptop then let me make the decision a bit easier for you in the next.

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Best Lightweight Laptop Available on the Market:

I have prepared a list of several tiny and lightweight laptops presently on the market.

Apple MacBook Air M2:

It is the latest laptop released in 2022 by apple, the successor to the Macbook Air M1. These tiny beasts are well known for their lightweight, portability, and outstanding performance. It weighs about 2.7 lbs and is just 1.13 cm in thickness.

ASUS ZenBook 13:

ASUS ZenBook 13 is one of the finest laptops with an Intel Core i7 processor in the 11th generation. This laptop weighs nearly 2.45 lbs and is 13.9 mm thin. So, this could be a better choice for you.

MSI Modern 14:

The MSI Modern 14 is another flagship that comes with 8GB of RAM and an Intel Core i5 10th-generation processor. It has the most excellent mobility, and the average weight of a laptop is 3,08 lbs and just 1.6 cm thick, simple to take on when on the go.

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Is your doubt clear now? that How Much Does the Average Laptop Weigh?

A Little of Sacrifice Is Essential:

On the other hand, lightweight laptops (typically between 13 to 14″) standardize most functionalities or even sacrifice aspects that may not be essential. For example, without a DVD drive, you’ll discover a modern laptop. Since streaming online, Netflix, Dropbox, and cloud storage have almost certainly eliminated news of optical drives as a need.

Fortunately, not all laptops have removed this function because many laptops are still equipped with CD/DVD drives for people who require CDs for working and storing.

The port system is another component that is usually discarded when using a compact and lightweight form factor. An excellent example is the Dell XPS 13 9370 (2018). It weighs only 2.65 pounds and is at its thickest point, a shear of 0.46 inches wide. Dell had to remove the regular USB Type-A connectors and full-size SD card readers to make this slim aspect feasible. This port is included in the previous version. Thus it was done to trim down a few inches.


People use notebooks for many activities, including office jobs, live streaming, gaming, etc. All laptops have varied functionality and specifications for the intended tasks.

Before purchasing a new laptop, it is incredibly essential to research and read reviews. It is pretty crucial to concentrate on a laptop’s average weight. Always buy a laptop on a budget and on demand.

Hope so now you get it how heavy should a laptop be?

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