How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Laptop Battery?

Laptop batteries must be treated with care. You have to replace them once destroyed. Now there is a question of how much does it cost to replace a laptop battery? OK, whether you want an original or a generic battery, it depends.

The initial batteries usually cost twice as much as a generic setup because laptop manufacturers regard these replacement parts more as cash machines. 

The prices of these original batteries differ, depending solely on your model and brand. The new power packs are primarily for $100. Some are up to $150.

We know that laptop batteries are the essential component for people whose nature of works covers travel. 

In this case, it will help you not think about charging and time you work or even when you are abroad. Often you forget to take a charger to the office, and then this essential part of your laptop will keep you on track and much more.

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Laptop’s Battery

No matter how well you handle the battery of your laptop, it will die. If you are fortunate, it is time to upgrade your laptop battery when your battery dies. If you are not, the battery will have to be replaced.

Death of the battery will suddenly seem, but it doesn’t have to. Windows can alert you about the meager power of your battery, but you can also keep your tabs on capacity.

Windows is going to warn you.

Windows is going to warn you.

Windows do not usually keep you up to date with the power level of your battery. You note that your laptop doesn’t seem to last on the battery as long as you use it, and it is weakened.

Eventually, Windows can alert you when your battery hits a low enough capacity level. A red X will appear on your device tray’s regular battery icon, and if you press it, Windows will tell you that you should “consider replacing your battery.” 

Windows also says your device will unexpectedly shut down because of a battery problem – your battery cannot carry enough charge to power your laptop for a long. At the same time, it is not connected to an outlet.

Note that this alert was introduced in Windows 7, so you will not see it if you use Windows Vista or XP.

How to Check Your Laptop’s Battery Capacity

How to Check Your Laptop's Battery Capacity

If you are wondering how much the battery power of your laptop has decreased, you can use an external tool to view it. 

The free BatteryInfoView by NirSoft does this well, showing the battery’s estimated wear level, its built power, and its current capacity.

For example, As you see in this picture, we can see that the battery was built to contain 86,580 MWh of energy. 

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However, the current capacity of the battery is only 61,261 mWh at maximum charge. In other words, the battery of the laptop retains just 70.8% of its original capacity when fully charged.

More details can appear on some batteries, such as the number of loading and unloading cycles they have experienced.

Calibrating Your Battery

Calibrating Your Battery

If your battery needs calibration, the information above may not be entirely correct. For instance, we had a battery that said it was nearly dead. 

Windows has warned us that it is time to replace the battery, and according to its reported power, the battery appeared to wear at 27.7 percent.

Windows stopped warning us after calibrating the battery, and the reported capacity was down to 70.8%. The battery had no extra charge, but the calibration allowed the sensor to detect how much power the battery had

If Windows says your battery has to be replaced, make sure it is calibrated before testing your actual wear level. If you don’t, a battery still in decent condition can be replaced. It’d just be a waste of money.

What is the average life of a laptop battery?

Laptop batteries start to fail for the most part within 1-2 years. Almost 400 recharges can accommodate an average laptop battery. 

And it starts to lose its ability to hold a charge. After this, the battery you previously worked for 3-4 hours will only charge 1-2 hours.

How long should a laptop battery last after each charge?

After a full charge is passed and the power adapter unplugged, the average life of a laptop battery can be between 1 and 6 hours. 

This time, it depends on its battery, its power, its ages, and its use. The battery capacity decreases over time. It won’t last as before, and over time, it’s already declining.

3 Secrets to an extended-lasting laptop battery

There are three tips to follow with your laptop if you want your battery to last longer.

If more programs are running and software programs are available, the battery needs more power.

  1. Also, battery life is a few other variables, such as active Wi-Fi, screen brightness, video viewing, etc.
  2. The battery cycles can be wasted as they connect when using a laptop as the main desktop PC. Once the battery is connected to an AC outlet, the battery does not need it. It will prolong the life of your current batteries by popping the battery out. When you want to go out, you can easily replace the charger.
  3. If you investigate alternative third parties, you don’t have to pay a high price to purchase a battery from your laptop maker. You can find third-party solutions that are less costly by searching the model and battery on the site. A more straightforward model framework helps you locate these replacement batteries more. These old batteries must also be recycled.

What Determines the Cost of New Laptop Battery?

There are some numbers for every battery. All those numbers are translated into the price of the laptop battery, as seen in the seller’s list. 

Technical words such as mAh, watt, voltage, and cells assign the numbers. Let’s get to know them.

mAh (Milliamp Hours)

It tells us how much energy the battery holds. This word is directly related to your battery power. The length of a battery depends on how high or low the mAh is. E.g., a 5500 mAh battery lasts almost twice that of a 3000 mAh battery. The higher price of the mAh is also higher than the lower price.

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Many batteries on the market have a higher mAh rating than the manufacturers. These batteries can be computer compatible, but the price can still be about the same as the brand new one.

Whr (Watt Hour)

This term informs us how much power is used every hour by a laptop. See the various devices and computer peripherals for their scores. 

Whr is the quantity of energy in an hour. 1 Whr should be equivalent to 1 watt of electricity used for an hour. Laptops with higher Whr ratings, therefore, need more capacity batteries which ultimately affect their prices.

Voltage (V)

Your laptop requires a certain amount of power to run. The volume calculation is called voltage. The batteries made by different manufacturers have variable voltage ratings, but there is no incompatibility problem with your unit. 

Fortunately, you can see many models of a single battery with all the same features but different voltage ratings that cost estimation.

Number of Cells

Perhaps you learned of 4 cells, 6 cells, and even 9 cells in battery comparison. Each cell has some potential. 

For example, a model with 9 cells provides approximately 50% more capacity than the same model with 6 cells. It sounds simple, but it’s not technically so.

When comparing the batteries of various laptops, a math operation with milliwatt hours provides you with several mAh with voltage. A 7.4 V 3100 mAh battery can provide you with 22940 mWh, equal to 23 watt-hours.

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This estimate will not always be 100% correct because not all laptops have the exact power requirements. 

Furthermore, not all operating systems and hardware components of a laptop have the same power consumption.

Batteries with higher ratings are often heavier and more productive than others. A 9-cell battery is heavier and more robust than a 6-cell version, although its shape factor can be identical.

The number of cells is also an essential factor. Here in the below picture is a general guide to help you understand the battery cell voltage rating.

understand the voltage rating of battery cells

What is a Lithium Rechargeable battery?

A rechargeable lithium battery is durable and has the same lifetime as a new battery. From the initial unit manufacturer, it needs to be spent a few extra dollars. 

Average 6-9 cell laptop batteries typically cost US$120 or more, with an excellent laptop 5-8 years old but almost entirely fired. 

The cost of replacing this battery is a significant hitch because you can get a new laptop instead of paying a large battery price.

Even small chrome book devices cost a $99 battery replacement. You will find almost half the cost of batteries that the manufacturer charges. 

Beware! You may have a low-capacity scam or even a fake cell product. These cheap imitation batteries now provide a service life of less than 6 months at high failure rates and short runtimes.

So you must make a wise decision when you purchase a battery. You have to find the prices well, read reviews of the people who used these batteries and decide accordingly.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Laptop Battery Brand-wise?

Here is a list of some of the popular laptop brands and their average battery life.

How Much Does an Apple Laptop Battery Cost?

Apple has several laptop models, but their battery prices often vary. Mac Book Pro costs $129, another 17 inches. 

Like 13 inches/15 inches. Mac Book Pro costs $179, while a Mac Book of 12 inches costs $199. Each laptop has an average battery life of 10 hours.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Hp Laptop Battery?

HP is a favorite laptop brand that makes various notebook models with different batteries. Like the battery of HP laptops, a further 4-cell BTI ion battery costs $79.99, while a lithium-ion Dantona 4-cell battery costs $59.95. The average lifetime of the battery is 6 hours.

How Much Does an Asus Laptop Battery Cost?

This revolutionary Taiwanese brand has a wide variety of laptops with various batteries. One battery is the 6-cell lithium-ion Dantona Battery that costs $62.99 to choose ASUS laptops and DENAQ Lithium-ion Battery $62.99, while the 4-cell battery costs $24.99 to DENAQ Lithium-ion Battery. The total lifetime for ASUS laptops is 8-10 hours.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Dell Laptop Battery?

It has a range of laptops and batteries as one of the best in the industry. For the Dell studio, some are the NM 6-cell lithium-ion Battery for $49.99, and for the Dell Studio, the DENAQ 6-cell lithium-ion Battery costs $119.99. They all have an average life span of 8-10 hours.

How Much does Lenovo Laptop Battery Cost?

These days Lenovo is one of the most common laptop brands with a broad range of models, offering various batteries such as the DENAQ lithium-ion battery for the select Lenovo laptop is $62,99, and the DENAQ 6 cell lithium-ion battery is $36,99. It has a 6-7 hour total battery life.

FAQs ― How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Laptop Battery?

Can I leave my laptop plugged in overnight?

The response is no in both respects. As discussed above, the battery is helped by integrated controls that avoid charging until the battery is ultimately charged. 

If the charger is connected overnight or even longer, the battery’s output will not be affected.

Is it worth replacing a laptop battery?

Regardless of how well you handle the battery of your laptop, it will inevitably die. If you’re lucky, it’s time to repair your laptop when it dies. 

If you are not, the battery must be replaced. Death of the battery may seem abrupt, but it has not to.

How many years does a laptop battery last?

A laptop battery has an average life span of two to four years (around 1,000 full charges). The total lifetime depends on the type of battery. How the device is processed and how much you use your laptop.

Is it OK to leave a dead battery in a laptop?

If the battery fails dramatically or the charging circuit fails, it will burst with the laptop. Wherever you can. If a battery is dead, you should usually use the laptop. 

Often a defective battery makes you have to pull it out and use your laptop connected to a wall.

Is it OK to use laptop while charging?

So yeah, when charging, it’s OK to use a laptop. If you mainly use your laptop plugged in, it is best to remove the battery at 50 percent charge and keep it cool (heat kills battery health too).