How Do I Find the Model Number of My Asus Laptop

A laptop’s model number usually consists of prefixes and may have a serial name. The model number is intended to identify a whole line-up of desktop computers, and similar devices with the same line-up have the same or slightly different model designations. Unlike serial numbers, the name and number of service tags or asset tags are not unique to each computer.

ASUS is a maker of desktop and laptop computers. Each ASUS computer version has a model number. If you deal with the ASUS customer support line, you need this number. The number of the model is in a couple of locations, so you won’t need to seek long for it.

Also, if you are prepared to purchase specific devices for your model but still don’t know what model you have, here are some options for checking  How Do I Find the Model Number of My Asus Laptop?

Model Numbers 

A model number is a single number issued to each product created by computer hardware manufacturers, sometimes stylized as a model or model numbers. Model numbers allow companies to monitor each hardware component and, if required, to identify or replace the correct part.

If a model is referenced, be sure to use the product sticker model and not the generic models number in front of the computer. Some businesses may have a generic product number such as HP Pavilion P6000 or Presario CQ60, such as Hewlett Packard and Dell. However, it often contains the official model numbers, or models no, on the product sticker, such as “cq60-419wm” or “P677y.”

Please note this information and be applicable when you need support from the manufacturer. For example, when you download drivers from your producer’s website, you may have to enter your exact models number before downloading the website to the relevant driver.

Where To Check

There are various procedures to find out which model you have. As you know, the model numbers is usually in combination with letters and digits and can contain several series.

  How Do I Find the Model Number of My Asus Laptop

The number of the model is not identical to a serial number. For each gadget, the models name and numbers are not unique. Nevertheless, the serial number is unique, and not all laptop models have the same serial number.

Check Labels

Some of us are curious about  How Do I Find the Model Number of My Asus Laptop? In some circumstances, You can find your models number on the label that can be on the back of the device, and it is a reliable place. You can position the brand on the face of use, but if it is not the same as the bottom label, you have to look at the bottom.

If your notebook has a cell to remove, the numbers and name of the models can typically be found when you pull the battery out. Many laptops have the models name put on the label. You can also find a models name in other laptop sections, such as a hard drive. But if you’re not sure where to go next, try not by yourself, because something can be broken.

You also find the model name on the surface of the mother. To reach the mother’s surface, open the laptop case & You’ll see the label with the model’s name.

System Information 

Another solution is to access the system options. You must go to Starting and find the “my computer” icon to get there. If you press the right button of mouse, the list of multiple possibilities appears. Now you should select characteristics that are generally the last option in the list. When you open the properties, you will see your ASUS device name on the screen.

You open the diagnostic tool by using the DXDIAG command. If you don’t understand how to get there, you can type the name into the search bar by clicking the Start button. You will notice various options, but also the place that writes your name for your laptop models. If you reach the system options, you will see it. It might be displayed in the lower right corner of your screen.

 How Do I Find the Model Number of My Asus Laptop?

ASUS computers usually are elementary to find with labeling. Typically, on the base of the laptop computer, a label with models number information is present. Do not mistake a models with a serial numbers.

Method 1

  • Switch off your computer. It must be done so that you may reverse the laptop to see the number.
  • Look at the base of an ASUS laptop. There will be a label listing laptop information. Write in “Model Number” the number.
  • Move to the back of the ASUS desktop. Look for a label that details all the computer information. Jot down the sticker “Model Number.”
  • Look at the user manual of the ASUS computer. The number might be on the front or inside of the manual. However, if your manual covers several models, the model number can obtain from the device.

Method 2

  • Select the Start button and tap All Programs.
  • Click on the VAIO Care folder from the All Programs menu.
  • Click on the VAIO Care button.
  • The models number is shown in the VAIO Care window underneath (e.g., FW550F-VGN)

Method 3

How Do I Find the Model Number of My Asus Laptop
  • Click Start and click Computer (My). Click Computer.
  • Click Local Disk C. Next, Windows click.
  • Click Model or Model.txt* for the file.
  • The file shows the number of the models. (e.g., FW550F-VGN)

FAQs – How Do I Find the Model Number of My Asus Laptosp?

  1. How Do I Find Out What Model My Asus Laptop Is?

    You can get the model name on the sticker on the back of the laptop. The name of the model is shown in the system model field. (According to the red region depicted).

  2. How Do I Find Out What My Laptop Model Is?

    To do so, right-click the button “Start,” then click the button “Properties.” This method displays computer manufacturing and model, operating system, RAM parameters, and CPU models for the laptop.

  3. Are All Asus Laptop Chargers the Same?

    No, although you may purchase online universal laptop loaders that are pretty inexpensive. Look for a charger with the same power rating as your existing charger (e.g., 60W, 90W, etc.) and one with a tip matching the one available from Asus.


All these options are pretty basic. Therefore it does not require any specific knowledge to examine your ASUS laptop. But if you don’t know, How Do I Find the Model Number of My Asus Laptop? You may need to be careful. Try these solutions first that do not require the case to be opened. If none of them works for you, you can open the case.

If you don’t get difficult to do something, you may ask somebody to do it. Opening the case requires some expertise. You can break it for some components. Breaking little pieces of a laptop can cause enormous harm and cost a load of money to restore them.