How Can I Fix Accelerometerst Exe on Hp Laptop? Ultimate Guide 2022

Do you need to know How Can I Fix Accelerometerst Exe on Hp Laptop? Do you need to correct system errors? This problem occurs when the device has been updated to the Creators Update version. The Windows 10 nuisance happens due to bug infection and is hugely bothersome for the user.

You will probably identify the problem when the device boots up and logs into the device. The only method to delete the error notice off the screen is by clicking on the cross sign and sending it away. The main problem behind this system is either the missing or corrupt VCRUNTIME140.dll File or a problem with an application called HP 3D DriveGuard. There are six possible solutions that you will find in this guide.

Accelerometers Exe

The actual AccelerometerST.exe program is a component of Hewlett-HP Packard’s 3D DriveGuard software. A peripheral hardware device like HP 3D DriveGuard protects the hard drive from shocks and drops for select HP ProBook and EliteBook models. AccelerometerSt.exe launches the 3D DriveGuard system tray process.

What is Accelerometerst Exe Error?

This problem has a wide range of reasons – from the VCRUNTIME140.dll File that is corrupt or missing, or from an application called HP 3D DriveGuard, to the machine that has not the newest Visual C++ redistributable Visual Studio 2015 package, or the redistributable package that has been corrupted. 10

Causes of Accelerometerst Exe Error

Windows 10 is, without a doubt, a perfect and unbelievably popular operating system. But the updates were, unfortunately, a bit problematic for users and Microsoft. Instead of releasing a new Windows edition with many new features, Microsoft elected to update Windows 10. 

It would be nice in theory, but the performance was not universally warmly received. One of the errors that occur when upgrading your Windows 10 version to Creators Update is an AccelerometerSt.exe error. But this mistake is not hazardous, but annoying. If you want to take off this bothersome mistake, don’t look any further.

How Can I Fix Accelerometerst Exe on Hp Laptop?

How Can I Fix Accelerometerst Exe on Hp Laptop

Luckily, it is not too difficult to repair this program’s faults. We have prepared some basic corrections to help you solve these problems without breaking a lot of sweat. See them below:

Uninstall the Program

The most typical difficulty with this software is the error message we have discussed previously. One of the fastest ways to resolve it is to uninstall the supporting program. The Microsoft Forum provides us with the following steps:

  • On your computer, click the Start button
  • Click on the Icon Control Panel
  • Find programmes and features.
  • Roll and find the software HP 3D Driveguard
  • Right-click the icon and click Uninstall
  • After you delete the software, restart your computer.

Once the software is uninstalled, error notifications should stop arriving. If you want to download the application again, go to the HP website and contact the manufacturer for specifics about the Download.

Repair Faulty File

Corrupt files may cause an error to be released by the operating system. Fortunately, Windows has a highly comprehensive system file control tool to replace or fix these files with a cached version. Follow the easy steps below to perform this scan.

  • Type PowerShell and right-click in the search box. Choose “Run as Admin.” 
  • You can also press Windows and the X key together. Choose and execute PowerShell as an administrator.
  • Now enter the SFC / scan now command.
  • Let the command look for mistakes and be ready to wait a moment.
  • Windows will alert you about the completion of the scanning and fixes.
  • Restart and log in to see if there is still an error.

This method should work for most users, which is why we are upgrading this method. By this, you will know How Can I Fix Accelerometerst Exe on Hp Laptop?

Use Power Shell

  • In the search bar, type PowerShell and right-tap on it from the result column. 
  • Run as administrator from the supplied options.
  • Type or copy the information and paste it into the blue panel.
  • The scanning procedure commences, and results are generated. If it finds any corrupted files, it repairs the same thing immediately, and it reports the same if it cannot.

Register the VCRUNTIME140.dll

The most typical difficulty with this software is the error message we have discussed previously. One of the fastest methods to fix it is to uninstall the supporting program. The Microsoft Forum provides us with the following steps:

In addition to the error message we described, there may be another error message. The VCRUNTIME140.dll error message is connected. Something like this looks.

System Error AccelerometerSt.exe

  • The software can’t start since your machine doesn’t have VCRUNTIME140.dll. Try to reinstall the software to resolve this problem.
  • You can try this solution described by Appuals if you face this problem:
  • Press Windows key and E to open File Explorer simultaneously.
  • Search the VCRUNTIME140.dll to C:\Windows\System32
  • If not, try for it in drive D.
  • If VCRUNTIME140.dll is not found, hit the Windows and R buttons to open the run type in regsvr32/uC:\Windows\System32\VCRUNTIME140.dll.
  • The error notice should stop displaying if you do so and restart your computer.

Replace Microsoft Visual C ++

Make sure you have a Redistributable Package Update from Microsoft Visual C++ 3. Read how to install it on your PC if you don’t have it.

  • You can find this software on the website of Microsoft, or you can click here.
  • Select your favourite language and click Download.
  • You can choose from two choices if you have a 64-bit operating system and a 32-bit operating system, select VC redist.x64.exe.
  • Click Next, and automatically your Download starts.
  • Start the installer after downloading and follow the instructions.
  • Afterwards, the redistributable package update of Microsoft Visual C++ is installed on your computer. Reboot your computer to see if your problem is fixed.

Try repairing it if you have already installed Microsoft Visual C + + Redistributable Package Update 3 and still have the error. Sometimes installations are buggy but can be readily corrected, too.

  • Search for the control panel and go to the search box.
  • Click Uninstall the Header of Programs application.
  • Look for the Microsoft Visual C ++ 3 Redistributable Package Update from the mentioned apps.
  • Right-click and choose Uninstall.
  • A wizard should occur; however, options are presented instead of removing the software. Choose Repair and fix it in no time.

Go Back to the Last Version

How Can I Fix Accelerometerst Exe on Hp Laptop

Very seldom does none of those above solutions work. It means you should utilize your previous Windows 10 version and let Microsoft fix your faults. Please remember that you must update Creator’s update within 30 days.

  • Always hold down the Shift key on the login screen and press the power icon. Click Restart to start in the advanced mode without leaving the Shift key.
  • Select Troubleshooting and choose Advanced Options. Select Return to prior build from there.
  • You’re going to be asked to log in. Enter your password and user account. Select Return one more time to the previous build.
  • Your old version will now be available, and the error should go away.

It will undoubtedly fix your PC’s AccelerometerSt.exe issue.

FAQs – How Can I Fix Accelerometerst Exe on Hp Laptops? 

  1. What Is Hp Accelerometer System Tray?

    The true Accelerometer. sys file is a software component of Hewlett-Packard HP 3D DriveGuard. The device is named after the three-axis digital accelerometer, which functions as a motion sensor, alerts the system to all sharp movements, and automates the hard drive to prevent a data damage.

  2. What Is Hp Accelerometer System Tray in Startup?

    Hp Accelerometer System Tray is the HP Mobile Data Protection application with a digital accelerometer that protects your disc drive by parking and stopping I/O requests while dropping your PC.

  3. How Do I Fix Hp Accelerometer Error?

    Open windows Control Panel, open programs, and characteristics right-click the HP 3D DriveGuard entry and choose Uninstall. After that, restart the notebook. Download and save the HP 3D DriveGuard version to your Downloads folder on the link below.

  4. What is HP Drive Guard?

    HDD heads are automatically parked in case of a drop or a collision with another object thanks to HP 3D DriveGuard's accelerometer-based protection.


As you are here to know, How Can I Fix Accelerometerst Exe on Hp Laptop? This problem is straightforward to fix. However, consider that this tool could be malware masquerading as Accelerometerst.exe. It could be one of the issues why you notice the application error messages Accelerometerst.exe.

In any event, try these corrections to fix the error messages and fix corrupted files. During this process, it is also a good idea to scan your computer regularly for viruses to see whether your computer is already affected by a Trojan or Malware infection.