How to Fix Discord Update Failed

Discord, the popular communication application for gaming, is routinely updated with new functions and bug patches. You don’t have to use Alpha Discords Canary to obtain some of these, as the Discord client updates itself to offer you the latest stable features and corrections.

If you have not updated your Discord for whatever reason, though, you will miss these new features and corrections. You may also get caught in a failed Discords update loop, where Discord cannot simply update or utilize the client until it’s fixed. Here’s all you need to do to help solve your problem How to Fix Discord Update Failed? like these.

What is the ‘Failed Discord Update’ error?

Sometimes a fresh update can throw your computer into an endless loop. Discord is a very complicated application that requires many different permissions, which can conflict with your computer’s settings.

Causes of Discord Update Failed

The most prevalent cause of Discord Update Failed is Internet connectivity issues. You will get an unsuccessful notice if you try to run Discord without a working internet connection. Similarly, if your Internet cuts down while you are using Discord, you’ll receive this notice.

Similarly, anything hindering the Discord application’s ability to connect to Discords servers will produce this issue. It can all be caused by antivirus programs, firewalls, and other associated issues.

When you have a Discord Update Failed error, and your internet connection is fine, corrupt local Discords files frequently cause it. Usually, removing files and executing some related actions allows the application to be updated.

How to Fix Discord Update Failed?

How to Fix Discord Update Failed

Restart Computer

It could come as a surprise, but some of the greatest choices to do are to reset the connection to your router. If it doesn’t work, we propose that you restart your computer because it’s so simple that it can solve most problems.

Check Discord Status Service

A Discord Update Failed error is not necessarily caused by a problem on your PC or Mac. Any update itself can fail if the Discord servers are faced with issues. To ensure whether this is the case, you can check the service status of Discord on the Discords website.

Discord maintains a Discords user’s website of special status for checking the current platform status. Everything from the Discords API to local server problems is reported here, so you can detect whether your PC has update problems locally or whether the Discord itself is wrong.

On the website Discord Status (, for each Discords service piece, a 90-day history is shown, each section reflecting one single day. In particular, if the API section displays recent operational problems (e.g., if the current segment is red or orange), you will probably have to wait before trying to update your customer again.

You may generally hover across the segment to find out more about the cause of a failure. Service-wide messages will, however, also appear at the top of the page. If Discords is low, you can’t do much—wait and try again later when the service is up and running again.

Run it as Admin

The easiest way to try and solve the failed discovery error is by running the Discord app as the administrator:

  • Click Discords on your desktop right-click icon. Choose Run as Admin.
  • Choose Yes on the dialogue box that opens up.
  • If you can’t upgrade Discords yet, your antivirus may stop it. If you use third-party software, try temporarily deactivating it. You can attempt the following way if you use Windows 10.

Check Internet Connection

While you should connect Discords via a virtual private network or proxy, it is not guaranteed. Some VPN services ban specific services, while Discords may block particular VPN IP ranges that it considers disruptive. Inadvertently, common VPN providers could be disabled to prevent updates from functioning.

Do not exclude a problem with your internet connection that prevents Discords from downloading the required update files if you don’t use a VPN or a proxy connection. For example, an irregular internet connection or a DNS breakdown could prevent Discords itself from running.

Test this yourself by navigating to the website of Discords and checking that you can use the web interface to access Discord services. If Discords works through the website, then your connection is unlikely to be a problem.

Update.exe Rename File

It is another efficient and fast way to tackle the Discord Update Failed error. The rename of the update file forces a new Discords update file to create, and if any, the issue will resolve with the update file.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Press the ‘Windows + R’ key > Type local app data percent in Run box > Enter to launch a Windows Run box.
  • Select the Discords folder from the Update.exe file choice.
  • Right-click and rename the file as Discord2.exe. Open the Discords now and try to update the file.

Reload Discord

Kill remaining Discord processes and remove local Discord files from scratch and reinstall them.

  • Press the Task Manager + CTRL + ALT + DEL.
  • Locate, select and click End Task Discord in the process list.
  • If there are several discords instances, select each and click End Task.
  • Click the Start > Configuration > Apps button.
  • Locate, select, then click Uninstall Discord.
  • Press Windows key + R after the uninstalling procedure.
  • Type the% AppData and hit Enter.
  • Locate and remove the Discords folder.
  • Press Windows + R again, but this time type local app data percent before you hit Enter.
  • Locate and remove the Discords folder.
  • Install and download Discord.

You may need to examine your registry for Discords entries by Regedit and remove them in certain extreme circumstances. However, if you do not know what you are doing, we recommend removing stuff from your register. Consider contacting Discord support if, after a clean installation, the app will still not update.

Clear the Cache

How to Fix Discord Update Failed

The Discords client saves certain files for future use in hidden folders on your PC or Mac. These cache files are important to Discords to run well, but they can prevent vital services (such as Discords updates) from functioning successfully if they get corrupted at any time.

To remedy this problem, you can delete these cache files by deleting the Disk AppData folder (on Windows) (on Mac). Before trying these procedures, you’ll have to make sure that Discords doesn’t currently work visibly or in the background.

FAQs – How to Fix Discord Update Failed?

  1. Why Does My Update Keep Failing on Discord?

    Connectivity issues are the most typical reason for Discord update failures. If you try to launch Diskord without connecting to the Internet, you will get an unsuccessful notification of the update. Similarly, if your Internet breaks down while you use Discord, you'll receive this notice.

  2. Why Is Discord Stuck on Connecting?

    If your Discord continues to connect forever, it can sometimes be remedied by simply restarting. It's the trick for most users. It takes time: 5 minutes. To test the problem, restart your modem, router, and computer.

  3. Why Is My Discord Always Updating?

    Why is my Discord stuck on the updates check? There are three reasons for Discord to remain on the update and to remain on the update forever. The most common issue is that Diskord does not have administrator access to execute certain tasks and install the most recent Discord updates properly.


Stuck in the Discord Update Failed is frustrating since you can’t obtain a failed discords update error on your screen.

So, I tried to list all the feasible alternatives I could find for solving a failed Discords Update Loop on Windows and Mac.

One of the ways managed to overcome the Disk Update is thought to have stalled or failed.

Hope the article will be informative and will fix the problem.