Can You Put Your Laptop In Checked Luggage? Detailed Guide 2022

You must be familiar with all modes of traversal because nowadays mobility is the key to moving around in this huge world.

These forms include but are not limited to, Cycles, Bikes, Cars, trains, subways, ships, private jets and even commercial flights.

Although all of them have some sort of regulation imposed by the law that governs the region where mobility is operated with correspondence to the mode of a set of wheels you are moving by, commercial flights are by far one of the most regulated forms out of the ones mentioned above.

Since it is common knowledge that in order to move from one country to another, we have to use airport terminals where our luggage is stored and transported separately from us before we board the airplane.

And if you are an individual that wants to explore the world and carry one of your everyday use companions such as a laptop, you might be wondering if you can put your laptop in checked luggage.

These flights are usually expensive and have extremely tight security due to the tremendous amount of countermeasures they have to keep out to prevent any mishap from happening.

Some of these regulations and restrictions are pretty obvious and understandable, however, some seem very ridiculous, out of place, and outright confusing, leaving many individuals baffled.

Who Puts These Regulations In Place?

The succinct answer would be TSA or Transportation Security Administration. They have authorized agencies that monitor and regulate anything and everything that moves from one country to another.

These regulations vary from country to country and usually change according to their protocols and security countermeasures.

Can You Put Your Laptop In Checked Luggage?

As mentioned above, the answer is quite a mixed bag, however, as per standard rules imposed by the law, you wouldn’t have any sort of problem or issues if you have it on your luggage.

It is no doubt that each and every luggage bag is passed through numerous security scans which include both physical and X-Ray scans which monitor for any harmful or potential threat that may fall under the act of terroism. 

But you may have problems entering India due to their new policies that prevent electronics with lithium-ion batteries which may pose a threat to the airline you might be traveling in, so make sure you acknowledge this fact beforehand.

Otherwise, you will have your laptop confiscated by the authorities.

Can The TSA Rules Change?

Yes, the rules may change and may not apply equally to everyone. The Transportation security agency can seize any electronic hardware like your laptop if by any chance any suspicious behavior is noticed.

How Many Laptops Can I Carry In My Luggage?

One laptop per person can be carried in your luggage and if by any chance you are carrying more than one laptop, you may be questioned and even taxed according to the law of the country you are traveling to prevent resale exploits.

Other Factors To Take Into Account 

Here are a couple of things you need to consider before carrying your precious belongings with you.

  • Laptops kept in luggage might get damaged due to improper handling and the airport authorities may not be responsible for damage caused.
  • You may not be reimbursed for any items lost due to mishandling of your items.
  • To adhere to security protocols, individuals may be asked to boot up their laptops by the security personnel.
  • Your personal belongings like your laptop may or may not get confiscated or seized temporarily for additional security scans.

Bottom Line

Considering everything I mentioned you need to be responsible, act accordingly and be a law-abiding citizen. Moreover, you are solely responsible for the things that you bring into the airport terminal so it is best advised that you keep your laptop and other precious items on you rather than your luggage.

This prevents any possible chance of you losing your items which may or may not be recoverable or reimbursed if by any chance they get damaged.

I hope this article has given you plenty of knowledge about whether or not you can put your laptop in checked luggage and it was well worth the read.

Safe travels and have a nice day!