Can I Leave My Laptop In A Hot Car?

If you’re like most people, you can’t go anywhere without your laptop. You use it for work, to keep up with your social media accounts, and to watch funny cat videos when you should be working. 

However, as the weather heats up, it’s tempting to leave your laptop in the car while you run errands. But should you do it?

You might be wondering, what happens when the weather gets hot and you don’t have a place to store your laptop? can I leave my laptop in a hot car? Let’s find out.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the dangers of leaving your laptop in a hot car and share some tips on how to keep your computer safe. Stay cool!

Can I Leave My Laptop In A Hot Car?

First thing first, what exactly is a hot car? A hot car is defined as a vehicle that’s been parked in direct sunlight with no shade. The temperature inside the car can rise quickly, and it doesn’t have to be that hot outside for this to happen.

On a sunny day, the temperature inside a parked car can reach up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit (39 degrees Celsius) within an hour, even if the outside temperature is only 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius). 

And if it’s even hotter outside, the temperature inside the car can reach up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius) in less than an hour.

So, if you’re planning on leaving your laptop in the car while you run errands on a hot day, think again. The heat inside the car can damage your computer.

How Does Heat Damage Laptops?

You might be wondering how heat can damage your laptop. After all, it’s just a machine, right?

Wrong. Laptops are delicate machines that need to be protected from extreme temperatures. When a laptop gets too hot, the components inside can start to break down. This includes the CPU, the hard drive, and the battery.

The symptoms of a heat-damaged laptop vary depending on which component is affected, but they can include:

  • The laptop randomly shuts down or restarts
  • The screen goes blank or starts to flicker
  • Lines appear on the screen
  • The laptop makes strange noises
  • The keyboard stops working
  • The laptop won’t charge

If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s important to take your laptop to a professional for repair as soon as possible. Heat damage is not something you can fix on your own.

How To Protect Your Laptop From Heat Damage?

Now that we know how hot car temperatures can damage laptops, let’s talk about how to protect your computer from the heat.

If you must leave your laptop in the car, there are a few things you can do to minimize the risk of heat damage:

Park In The Shade

This will help keep the temperature inside the car down. Parking in the shade will help keep the temperature inside the car cooler, moreover, it’s also beneficial in the long run as it will protect your car’s paint job from the sun.

Turn Off The Car

If possible, turn off the car before you leave it. This will help prevent the battery from overheating.

Don’t leave it in for too long

Try to limit the amount of time your laptop is in the car to 30 minutes or less. The longer it’s in there, the greater the risk of heat damage.

This is pretty much textbook knowledge and it’s pretty common sense, but we hope this blog post served as a reminder of the importance of keeping your laptop cool.

Use A Sunshade

You can buy a sunshade for your windshield that will help keep the car cooler, these things come pretty cheap and you could virtually buy them anywhere and they could be used even if it’s raining to keep your car dry.

Store The Laptop In A Case

If you have a laptop case, put the computer in it before you leave it in the car. This will provide some extra protection from the heat, moreover, it will also protect it from any sort of drops and shocks.

As you can cover your laptop with a towel or blanket to help insulate it from the heat.

Crank The Air Conditioning

If you have air conditioning in your car, turn it on before you leave so that your laptop will be cooled down when you get back.

Leave The Windows Open

Crack the windows open to let some air circulate inside the car, keep in mind this is pretty much the last resort and be mindful of the area you are parking your car in because a dangerous neighborhood can result in your belongings being stolen.

Final Word

Following these tips can help protect your laptop from heat damage, but they’re not foolproof. If possible, it’s best to avoid leaving your laptop in a hot car altogether.

However, if you are still wondering can I leave my laptop in a hot car, be sure to check on it frequently to make sure it’s not overheating. 

And if you notice any signs of heat damage, take your laptop to a professional for repair as soon as possible. Heat damage is not something you can fix on your own.

Do you have any tips for protecting a laptop from heat damage? Share them in the comments below!