Can A Brand New Laptop Be Traced? Comprehensive Guide 2022

The world we live in is no doubt going digital, and we might as well say goodbye to the days of physically hard copies of data that would be kept in order to maintain a record.

Because, digital media has enabled us to easily store and provide maximum comfort, convenience, and suchlike.

In the multitude of these multimedia devices, one such form of data solution is a laptop which we all know is highly reliable, super portable, and optimal for almost all sorts of work.

But with great expediency and propinquity comes a multiverse of haphazardness of privacy issues such as being able to be traced through digital footprint.

In simpler terms, today I am going to briefly discuss whether or not a brand new laptop can be traced and tracked.

So Can It Be Traced Or Not?

Yes, anything with any form of a hallmark of connectivity to the world through internet connectivity can no doubt be traced to provide its rough location, if not pinpoint, however, once it is severed from having means of connecting to the outside world through the internet, the means of tracking can almost be put to a halt.

In other words, there is almost no way to tell where the laptop currently is, especially if it doesn’t have any sort of tracking application that has a stable internet connection to give you a perception of its whereabouts.

So There Is No Use Of Having Any Sort Of Hopes Then?

If you put it that way, then the answer might not be in the form of affirmative action, however, when it comes to keeping hopes, the latest laptops, nowadays tend to benefit from technological features such as a GPS which works in conjunction with other security applications such as a Lojack, Prey, LAlarm, and iLostFinder.

Moreover, even if it’s brand new and you may have lost it after entering your credentials such as creating a Microsoft account, you can trace it through the Windows proprietary feature Find My device which gives you its exact location through the internet.

How To Use Windows Find My Device

The process is quite simple and is explained in the steps below.

  1. First and foremost, create your Microsoft online account on your laptop by providing appropriate credentials such as login ID and password.
  2. Now after you are done, head over to the settings option and click on update and security and enable the find my device feature, keep in mind that may consume juice from your battery if you keep it turned on at all times.
  3. Now, head over to the and log in your credentials, which, of course, is the one you use to login into your laptop to sign in.
  4. You will be presented with a couple of options, click one Find my Device and choose your laptop model.
  5. Depending on the stable connectivity of the internet and its speed, it will take some time to relocate your laptop on google maps and give you its pinpoint location.
  6. Moreover, if you have lost your laptop and have no hopes of recovering it, you can lock it to secure your data, just to make sure there isn’t any form of data breach by an unwanted intruder.

What If I Have A Macbook? 

Just like a laptop with a Windows-based operating system, a Macbook also requires you to configure and enter your credentials, because a super brand new Macbook without having it opened in the first place won’t give away its location magically!

But with appropriate configuration, when there is hope there is a way, you can use the Find my Mac feature which is not only super-efficient but also pretty straightforward.

Moreover, you can also use it even if your Macbook doesn’t have any sort of active internet connection.

How To Use Find My Mac?

The steps are extremely simple and may feel like something out of the James bond movie, take a peek below in order to know how to do it yourself.

  1. Simply head over to the and enter your iCloud account.
  2. Now click on find my Mac, which may require you to verify your identity.
  3. Now in the list, find your Macbook which will let you locate it by providing you its location.
  4. Moreover, you can also lock it so that it can be up to no use for any unauthorized individuals that have their hands on your precious Macbook.

Can A Brand New Laptop Be Traced If It Doesn’t Have Internet Connection?

Your last resort is to rely on your local authority such as the police, they can help you find your precious belongings by lodging your complaint and hoping for the best that they can find it through their lost goods database.

Although, how they search and recover your laptop is pretty much confidential due to security concerns, you can very well be assured they can be your best bet in tracing your brand new laptop.

Final Verdict

My article about can a brand new laptop be traced would most probably cover all your problems and may provide you a remedy in case you do have the misfortune of losing it or are simply looking to relocate for whatever reason.

Having said that, it is not technically impossible but the level of difficulty may arise if there is some sort of obstruction such as not having an internet connection or the lack of a tracking application available on your laptop.

Anyhow, hope for the best and always stay positive!