10 Best 11 Inch Laptops In 2022 (Portable and Lightweight)

With an 11 inch laptop, work can be done on-the-go, traveling a lot, and conveniently packed in your bag, as the footprint is small. You get a whole keyboard to type long emails, use Microsoft Excel, and even access the Internet with relative ease, which is the benefit of purchasing the best 11 inch laptops. The hardware specifications are mediocre, but the price of many of these models remains very affordable. Just buy a sleeve to cover your laptop, and you’re cool.

Will you buy a laptop and look for the best 11 inch laptops? Our list will then help you narrow your search. Depending on why you need a laptop, you can find a wide range of laptops to suit your needs. But you can get the benefit of your money if you pick one of these laptops? See our list of the best 11 inch laptops to give you an idea of the industry trends now.

Dell Inspiron 3000 11.6

Dell 15 3000 15.6 Inch HD Touchscreen Premium Laptops

When it comes to resilient convertibles, DELL is the only strong name that emerges from the horde of PC makers, mainly because of their creativity and performance.

The pros are the lightweight, streamlined chassis for this, particularly affordable model. To add more points to its overall performance, the AMD A9 processor runs at a speed of 2.6GHz at the newest generation. Given the price, it is not a bad deal because the dual-core processor can efficiently handle friendly tasks and even progress a little.

ProcessorAMD A6-9220e Dual Core 1.6GHz
Storage64GB eMMC Storage
Display11.6-inch Full HD
Battery LifeUp to 10 Hours

The integrated CPU is also versatile enough to support everyday things, such as video streaming, media editing, illustrating, etc. Not only is the 11-inch monitor flawless, but it also enables smooth touch-sensitive browsing between laptop and tablet mode.

The disadvantages? Non-upgradable RAM. You will then have to do with one 4GB DDR4 RAM module, which contains and operates with 2400MHz.

So you can buy this best 11 inch laptops, asking all the right questions? Yeah, if you are a power user, NO because there are a lot more powerful choices you can use in this price range (read more), but if you’re a sucker for compatibility and convertibility while maintaining your budget, that’s one of our best 11 inch laptops you can buy.

Acer Chromebook CB3-132-C4VV


The Acer Chromebook CB3-132-C4VV is a clean, sleek, elegant design with various unique features and is one of the cheapest and best 11 inch laptops that will not make you bankrupt. It is an improved 2016 version of Acer’s famous CB3-132 series, and while it may not be rated highly in terms of power processing, it offers stable performance and longer battery life.

ProcessorIntel Celeron N3060 2.48 GHz Dual-Core
Storage 16GB Internal Storage
Display11.6-inch Full HD
Battery LifeUp to 10 Hours

If you are running the 2.48GHz, 4GB RAM, or 16GB Intel Celeron N3060 Dual-core Processor, you can do basic work, such as streaming and browsing, without worrying about performance. It poses a risk of delay if you try to run more than a few tabs.

Its tiny figure makes it incredibly lightweight and can fit into your bag so softly that you won’t even feel that it’s there. The computer has a comfy Chiclet-style keyboard that features a good clicky key and an HD web camera that may not be the sharpest but, for a very cost-effective price, I would say that the whole package deserves to be paid for.

Samsung Chromebook 3

Samsung Chromebook 3

We can get our hands finally on a “cost-efficient” Chromebook with a sylphic chassis. It is ideal about operational capabilities if your use includes just web surfing and the development of cloud-based content. Maybe you want to look at other options in some different situations. Perhaps the Intel Celeron N3060 processor isn’t the best performer, so there is no sugar coating. Maybe you would like to miss this best 11 inch laptops if you’re a multi-tasker.

ProcessorIntel Celeron N3060 Dual Core
Storage64GB SSD
Display11.6-inch Full HD
Battery LifeUp to 10 Hours

As for the general aspects, the integrated keyboard, combined with its appealing look, has a solid overall performance and does not sacrifice battery life. It is not a grade A performer when it comes to computing power or haptic sensitivity, but the best 11 inch laptops that you can find if you’re a student who wants study papers and, of course, a small budget.

HP ProBook X360 11

HP ProBook x360 11

Laptops of 11.6 inches are the right size for a 2-in-1 hybrid system. Because of their small dimensions, they function and touch screen tablets or handheld computers with 90 degrees angle.

You want to make sure that you get the best of all worlds when you opt for an 11-inch hybrid model. It is what HP’s x360 ProBook is all about with Windows 10 and a spacious, well-designed keyboard.

ProcessorIntel Core Celeron N4100
Storage128GB SSD
Display11.6-inch Full HD
Battery LifeUp to 11 Hours

4GB of RAM and a 128GB solid-state drive are typically at the upper end of a computer like this.

There are only two downsides here, both of which are fairly mild. While you are a 2-in-1, you don’t have a stylus included with this model.

You will need to purchase a touchscreen pen separately if you like to scroll notes or doodle designs. This model is also marginally heavier than several 11-inch models at little more than three pounds.

In other words, the ProBook is much smaller than any larger laptop. Buyers also note how lightweight and hybrid designs work well for students who need a mobile device.

Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air MD711LLA

Windows-based computers appear to beat Apple’s raw hardware specs goods. The same is true here, though, when you stick to 11-inch models.

Although the MacBook Air is only a few years old, it is still a better device than most newer Windows or ultra-books for Chrome OS.

ProcessorIntel Core i5-4th Gen
Storage128GB SSD
Display11.6-inch Full HD
Battery LifeUp to 9 Hours

The Air MD711LL easily has the best 11 inch laptops processor in our list of competitors. It is also the most storage space, with a solid-state 128GB drive out of the box.

However, to stay under the $500 threshold with this level of detail, you will need to go with a certified renovated unit. These MacBook Air models have previously been used but have been restored and repaired until they have been returned.

You will find this particular computer in new conditions if you are willing to pay a little over $500.

Asus Chromebook

ASUS Chromebook C202

Are you timid? Or you want to gift your younger siblings or your son a sturdy laptop. Look at this lightweight, strong, and durable option on these best 11 inch laptops.

Asus Chromebook is one of the best 11 inch laptops with the finest style you’ll ever see. The laptop is secured from scratches and damages by a plastic guard during bumps and drops. Although one of its biggest advantages is the spill-resistant keyboard, who does not want it?

ProcessorIntel Celeron N3060
Storage16GB eMMC
Display11.6-inch Full HD
Battery LifeUp to 10 Hours

At such low-end rates, the hardware and basic components are appropriate, while the 2.2 pounds boost portability so that you can carry it with you everywhere.

With its 1366 TV 768 HD monitor, video streaming and other entertainment are fantastic; while the 4GB memory keeps you lag-free, don’t open too much of your application.

So if you’re looking for this durable computer for your next laptop, look and decide. We’re pretty sure you’re going to like the sturdy construction.

Acer 11-inch Chromebook

Newest Flagship Acer R13 13.3" Convertible 2-in-1 Full HD IPS Touchscreen Chromebook

The first reason you should get this is that it is easy. It is not the best laptop for coders, but it is a good laptop for people who want to work in other areas.

It’s compact and functions as a workstation and entertainment center surprisingly. Compared to other laptops in this segment, it has a very strong battery life. But the point here is that it delivers poor results.

ProcessorIntel Celeron N3150 Quad-Core
Storage32GB eMMC
Display11.6-inch Full HD
Battery LifeUp to 10 Hours

But the false reality is that the output is appropriate for fields other than informatics. As a freelancer, my contact mostly takes place through drives. Google mostly drives. When the world blends into the Internet from far-off parts of the world, physical storage pages become obsolete slowly.

Lenovo Chromebook C330

Lenovo Chromebook C330 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop

Lighter on both your handbag and your shoulders, the Chromebook C330 is a decent option for an 11″ laptop for less than $300. It weighs just 2.6lbs, making it one of the lightest on this list.

This device’s highlight is its MediaTek MT8173C processor — and ARM processor designed for Google Play Store applications. It can run as high as 2.1GHz. When you use the software on an ARM processor instead of an Intel, you will find a palpable difference.

ProcessorMediaTek MT8173C
Storage 64GB eMMC
Display11-inch Full HD
Battery LifeUp to 10 Hours

Although this Chromebook offers 4GB of RAM, which is very common in this category, it has 64GB storage space. It is pretty unusual—not to say, impressive—in this price bucket for computers. (The additional 100GB space on Google Drive is also valid here.) This computer is around 10 hours of unplugged use.

Let’s talk about graphics and show. With an FHD touchscreen and a resolution of 1366 x 768, things are relatively standard. The resolution of most 11″ laptops in the low 300$ range can be anticipated, but the display remains sharp and friendly to its benefit.

The Lenovo Chromebook C330 lags in support of the system. A single USB 3.0 port and a USB-C port are supported (along with an HDMI and micro-SD card reader). It allows you to connect to a few devices and peripherals.

Lenovo rapidly gained a reputation in the laptop industry. With this 11-inch laptop, it brings the Chrome OS’s portability, speed, and critical adaptability to the table. Particularly if you are with a limited budget, it is an excellent choice.

Asus VivoBook E203NA-YS03

ASUS VivoBook Flip Thin and Light 2-in-1 Laptop

The Asus VivoBook E203NA is, in every respect, an all-rounder! The manufacturer is renowned for its excellent PC peripherals and has squeezed so much into this product without raising its price tag. The 11.6-inch monitor is small, as you would expect from this range, but the exterior design and speakers are the most striking features. The laptop’s build quality is incredibly good that when you try to put pressure on it, it does not break and ground.

ProcessorIntel Dual-Core Celeron N3350 2.4GHz
Storage 64GB EMMC
Display11.6-inch Full HD
Battery LifeUp to 10 Hours

Driven by an Intel dual-core Celeron N3350 processor, it has 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage space. The 180 degree is a bonus, as you can put your laptop flat on your desk or in your option. The Asus VivoBook is a great buy-in price, but the one thing you may find is that it runs on Windows 10 OS, which may deceive buyers who want to get the full experience of Windows. The Asus laptop also provides surround sound on its voice machines, and most users who wish to simple tasks completed smoothly on the go should please them.

Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft Surface Go

Are you in digital arts, but have you no money to buy an expensive stylus laptop? Don’t worry anymore, because Microsoft Surface Go is a lot for you.

This laptop is a game-changer for an artist such as you, and it’s the smallest and well-designed laptop with solid specs at an affordable price plus a stylus for artists.

ProcessorIntel Pentium Gold
Storage 128GB SSD
Display10-inch Full HD
Battery LifeUp to 9 Hours

It can be used as a perfect tablet for artists who want to draw a computer on their lap or in any place they like for the portable one so that you’re still on the go.

Encouraged by Intel Pentium Gold and RAM 8GB to ensure smooth interface and multi-tasking experience. The 8GB RAM also fits well for the downloading of videos and entertainment.

The 128GB storage is one of the largest storage for this low price tag, and it’s more than enough to store your files.


So that was our list of some of 2022’s best 11 inch laptops to explain every penny you put into finding them. Although the Chromebooks dominate Roost, with exemplary models offered by Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, and Samsung, VivoBooks are a worthy alternative.

When you purchase an 11″ laptop, your goals need to be in order. Consider the key functions of your machine carefully.

For example, you are unadvised to get an 11″ laptop to edit games or pictures. Yet, it will be a great tool to take notes, household entertainment, and surfing the Internet. Consider also if you need increased storage space, longer battery life, or more USB ports.

Most of the options provide the same power, display and graphics, and wireless connectivity.

The construction’s reliability is critical, too, because you should not slip on a laptop that looks super stylish and weighs almost nothing but can’t cope with the hazards of exhausting living styles.

A well-informed shopping decision will keep you secure even though your laptop is sturdy after months of use.

But which of these 11-inch laptops would you carry home?

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