Are ThinkPads Good For Gaming? Stretch The Performance In 2023

As someone who is deeply interested in both laptops and gaming, the idea of using a ThinkPad for gaming has crossed my mind from time to time. But are they really good for gaming? Can you actually play games on them without running into problems?

This is a question that many laptop enthusiasts have. The answer to this question is, that it depends as it isn’t as straightforward as you might think. A ThinkPad can be a good option for gaming if you have the right components. 

In this blog post, I will discuss what you need to look for in a ThinkPad if you want to use it for gaming and offer some recommendations. I will also share my experience of using a ThinkPad as a gaming laptop.

I’ll also briefly explain some of the pros and cons of using it and are ThinkPads good for gaming and help you decide if it’s the right option for you.

What Components Are Important For Gaming? 

Here are a couple of things you might want to acknowledge first,


First, you’ll want to make sure that the screen is large enough and has a high enough resolution for your needs. A larger screen can make games look more immersive, and a higher resolution will make them look sharper. 

Higher refresh rate screens are also becoming more common in gaming laptops and can offer a smoother gaming experience because obviously 60hz won’t be helping you in fast action paced games.

So look for a display ranging from 120-144hz to hit the sweet spot to perform split-second decisions with ease.

Graphics Card

The most important factor in whether a ThinkPad is good for gaming is the graphics card. Many ThinkPads come with integrated graphics, which are not powerful enough to run most games. 

If you want to use a ThinkPad for gaming, you’ll need to make sure it has a dedicated graphics card.

Get anything that has at least Nvidia or AMD’s GTX 1050 or RX 560X.


Another important factor to consider is the processor. A faster processor will be able to handle more complex game graphics and offer a smoother gaming experience. 

A processor with Fewer cores can still offer good performance for gaming if it has a high clock speed. 

You’ll also want to make sure that the ThinkPad you’re considering has enough RAM.  Anywhere around 8-16GB  should be enough for most games. 

Storage Size

Storage is another important factor to consider. If you want to be able to store a lot of games on your laptop, you’ll need a large hard drive or solid-state drive. 

Keyboard layout and aesthetics

You’ll also want to make sure that the keyboard is comfortable to use and has features that are important for gamers, such as backlighting and programmable keys. 

Although backlighting is purely aesthetics, still you would want that hardcore vibes right?

Auditory sensation

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that the laptop has good audio quality. You’ll also want to make sure that the laptop has good audio quality. 

This is important for this will ensure that you sense the pinpoint of the location of your enemies while playing games.

Are Thinkpads Good For Gaming

Now that we’ve gone over what factors to look for in a ThinkPad for gaming, let’s talk about some specific models that would be good options. 

Lenovo Legion Y520

The Lenovo Legion Y520 is a good option for gamers who are looking for a budget-friendly ThinkPad. It comes with a powerful Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti graphics card, making it capable of running most games smoothly. It also has 8GB of RAM, which is plenty for gaming. 

Lenovo Yoga 720

If you’re looking for a more high-end option, the Lenovo Yoga 720 is a great choice. It comes with a powerful Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti graphics card, making it capable of running even the most demanding games. It also has 16GB of RAM, which is more than enough for gaming. 

Lenovo Yoga 910

Finally, if you’re looking for the best of the best, the Lenovo Yoga 910 is the ThinkPad for you. It comes with a powerful Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti graphics card, making it capable of running any game you throw at it. It also has 16GB of RAM, so you’ll never have to worry about lag or stuttering. 

Bottom Line

So, there you have it! These are just a few of the many great options available if you’re looking for a gaming ThinkPad. No matter what your budget is, you’re sure to find a great option that will suit your needs.

Henceforth, if you are scratching your head over “are Thinkpads good for gaming”, the answer is a resounding yes! Just make sure to get one with the right specs as we discussed above. And you will be fragging your opponents in no time.

As always, thanks for reading! Until next time and feel free to leave any questions or comments below. Happy gaming!