Are Laptop Chargers Interchangeable? Comprehensive Guide 2022

So one day you found yourself in the midst of an endless tangle of office work, so much that you forgot your laptop charger at home, or maybe the cord on your laptop charger got snapped?

For whatever reason, you might be having the misfortune of your laptop inevitably shutting down on you any minute due to lack of your laptop proprietary charger, solving the issue must be your top priority.

Although you may have a bright idea of plugging in your colleague’s power AC adapter, however, you had a gut instinct of asking yourself “Are Laptop Chargers Interchangeable?” or “ will this even work?”

A quick googling might reveal some baffling searches which are most probably too confusing enough to not reveal any sort of answer, which led you to be here, at this website.

However, fret not because out of every possible catastrophe you may have, landing on this website might be a silver lining.

And I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to read this article completely, otherwise, you might be heading over to make a grave mistake.

Keep on reading buddy and you might save yourself and your precious hardware some hassle.

Scenarios That You May Face

Obviously, you are going to face two types of scenarios if you are plugging in your laptop with a charger other than one that came packaged with your laptop.

  • Best case scenario
  • Worst case scenario

1. Best Case Scenario

You may find this a little cheesy, however, the least bad thing that could happen to your laptop while using it with a contrasting charging source is improper voltage flow which could result in your battery replenishing with power juice as slow as possible.

This might be due to obvious reasons, I mean let’s suppose if your laptop ampere requirement is more than the charger you are using, you might find yourself in a pickle and your lithium-ion batteries might not charge as fast.

Ampere refers to the flow of current that is being passed through your laptop to charge its battery, and if your charging AC adapter varies in such attribute, even keeping it on charging for a whole day won’t fill or replenish your battery levels.

2. Worst Case Scenario

Don’t want to blow this charging fiasco out of proportion, but if you are plugging in your brand new laptop with a wonky charging that has questionable voltage specifications then might as well say goodbye to your battery health.

Usually, standard laptops tend to have a voltage input around 12 volts to 14 volts, the gaming ones usually require somewhere around 19 volts.

Since laptops are equipped with special voltage regulators which most of the time aren’t strong enough to withstand improper electrical voltage influx, having your internals as well as blowing your lithium-ion battery is something you can expect the most in Worst case scenario.

Factors To Consider Before Using A Different Charger

You might want to take into account a whole host of unique caveats before getting your hands onto a different power source.

1. Power Jack Or Interface

If by any chance you did manage to get the right voltage and amperes, there is a high chance that you may or may not have the correct interface to plug into your laptop charging jack.

Since most of the time older laptops tend to use oval or round-shaped charging connector pins to refill the battery reserves, you won’t be able to insert a charging USB plug that has type-C interfaces.

So using the correct power jack is a highly necessary and most obvious red flag that you have to take into your account before proceeding.

2. Counterfeit Protection Technology

Some high-tech laptop brands take some over-the-top measures in order to prevent your laptop from getting damaged by using counterfeit or knock-off cheap charging adapters.

This technology uses a special piece of hardware called Original Equipment manufacturer chip that blocks the power inflow so the voltage regulator won’t have to go through the stress of regulating abnormal ampere and voltage specifications.

This is quite common in gaming laptops such as Alienware and Razer and HP because these brand manufacturers take steep protocols to protect your hardware at all necessary means.

Type C power adapters can be used with laptops with Type C interfaces as long as they don’t vary in voltage and amperage specifications.

So where exactly can I use an interchangeable power charger?

Knowing the risk and factors behind using a different AC charger, there are some instances where you can share your adapter charger among your peers.

If by chance you lose or break your Macbook charging power adapter, you can use your friend’s, provided the model and variant are the same, to ensure you get the same charging speed as before.

Closing Afterthought

There is no room for trial and error here, you can inevitably partially or completely fry your laptop if you don’t know what you are doing. In other words, don’t take chances with other laptop universal chargers if their barrel plug can easily fit into your laptop, you never know what dangers may lie ahead, figuratively!

That being said, thank you for taking your time and reading my piece about whether laptop chargers are interchangeable or not. I hope this has saved you the headache of making you lose your laptop or your laptop battery altogether.

Stay safe!